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  1. Hello, there is any way to lower gpu usage? I mean after installing this modification on my pc, use of gpu went from 70W to 110W ( in watts ) and i had to lower resolution to don't hear helicopter in my room It's just a question, with my gpu ( cleanliness, undervolt etc. ) is everything ok
  2. Any fix for this PS: I know this bug has been mentioned more than once, but I haven't found any 100% working solution :/
  3. Hello,I have problem with blocks like in this video i've created specially for this report.Problem occurs all the time for me.Temporary fix to back to main menu and reload save - still work only sometimes.I've tried to clean install game, reset game settings etc - no fixed.I have 16 gb ram, my card ( rx 570 4g ) can easily handle this settings:https://imgur.com/a/CQuawHfIs there any game setting that can fix it?I can compromise some quality for fix this bug...
  4. Hello survivors! Ever since Alpha 19 came out, I was a bit irritated by the balance of some things. A simple example: A stone shovel lvl 3 is much better than an iron shovel (block damage is very similar, not identical + a stone shovel has less stamina consumption and is only repaired with stone) That's why I created a modification to our beloved game. It aims to balance weapons, armor and tools. Never again will you encounter a chance where you will run half a game in scrap armor lvl 6. You will smelt weapons / armor / tools lvl 1-2 much less frequently. From now on, each new tier in things is BETTER than the best possible in the previous tier. It seems okay - but everything has a cost. Iron helmet lvl 1 will give you more defense, however, it will have only 1 slot for modification compared to the scrap helmet lvl 6, which has 4. I did it again with melee weapons and tools. Overall - some things got little buffs, some little nerfs. Detailed description and stats: Better tool-Better stats.zip
  5. What is "transparent" in rpg? i'm pretty sure it cannot be coded with just numbers
  6. Hey people, which skill tree increases the damage done by exploding arrows / bolts?
  7. As in the question: which skill tree increases the damage done by exploding arrows / bolts? Ty for answer
  8. Thanks for HQ mod, i love it. That one helps a lot, Ty
  9. Oh i love your work! It's amazing how this game can be customized using ONLY xmls ( LOL ) We waiting for your next fruit of your work !!!!
  10. So far, so good. After 5 hour of gameplay ( horde every night ) i can assume it is harder than vanilla, still have cons. pros: - icy world, love it ( i didnt expect i will like it ) - more animals ( on first day i found very strange crature, i dont remember name + killed one of "horror" films' animal , funny music when close ) - hard to find cars, soil and any ore ( i got lucky when i found iron ore on day 1 when i done a mission for trader ) - trader 24h and no defense - demolisher first day on field (XD!) - more difficulty than vanilla - you have to "work" to "get" - lack of wood - strange snowmans ( from far i think they have some animations, but i cant kill/destroy them when near ) cons: - i love frozing system of food, but i have time to defrost f**king raw meat - 80 counts defrosted raw meat after 30 minutes (!!) - too much wild animals, after 4 days i had +200 meat - too op seats ( from 3 seats got 2 books ) - i think spears are too op - iron spear, lvl 1, can one shot all 125 hp and lower zombies when shot with PPM on body/legs/arms for only 20 stamina ( and yes, i dont like playing on higher difficulty than default, because i hate bulltetsponge zombies, who have to get 50 ammo to kill :') ) Btw, my actual base: ( already got all workbenches, 2 farm plots, +10k iron, all cobblestoned base ( cement mixer is doing 1k concrete ), after doing solid base with traps ( have to get 5 levels ) i will try find some secrets
  11. I have a noob question and sorry it: How i am suppose to install it? I just have to install "mods" folder with DMT and thats it?
  12. SPOILER ALERT! Don't watch it, if you don't wanna see something before you see ^^ Hello @KhaineGB, why zombies don't spawn? I would like to farm some of it :/
  13. Set memory paging to automatical + lower textures and turn off texture streaming - if turned on, game throw memory to ram, not gpu memory
  14. Hello, sorry for noob question - does it is compatible with first version for 18.3? ( i have things like desert eagle or fixed localization already, so i think yes, but i want to make sure ) Second: What are possible mods for junk turrent? I have them already on 71 lvl, but i dont know exacly what mods go well with them Is there any xml that shows this mods?
  15. Hello, is there any way to lower zombie max alive from 75 to at least 50 on singleplayer? i have performance related problems :/ + i think bug: after couple of days playing in one session, zombies dont spawn on world for example: near my base, no any one zombies ( in day and night ) so i have to back to main menu and reload save to let them spawn near me ( so i can test my traps )
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