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  1. Hi there checkm8. I'll add this to the main page. --Added no (MOD) prefix version to MoreCookedFoods
  2. Hello. I keep getting these errors about a minute and a half, or so, after running the serverstart.sh script. Any help to resolve this issue is appreciated! Thank you very much in advance. mmap(PROT_NONE) failed Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  3. Sorry for not getting back to you quickly. Been very busy as of late. Seeds from the fruits/vegetables you find - wouldn't be too hard. Only thing I'm having problems with are the 3d Models, that's why I haven't done anything like that.
  4. The mod needs to be in both the Client and Server's mod folder. I'm not sure why the icons are not showing up. Is there a UIAtlases folder inside the mod folder?
  5. I don't mind at all. Just, if you re-upload it, please link it here and give me credit. On that note!: New mod released! - Makes the automatic shotgun much more fun. Github download link: https://github.com/GopherMods/7DTDMods/blob/master/AutoShotgunGoneWild.zip Now, for some laughs:
  6. Hey there Sellsents! I've started a new thread here, since this one got buried:
  7. Hi all. This is a thread containing my modlets. Currently, I am focusing on the Food mod, but occasionally put out some other mods. Food Mod: https://github.com/GopherMods/7DTDMods/blob/master/MoreCookedFoods.zip Automatic Shotgun Mod: https://github.com/GopherMods/7DTDMods/blob/master/AutoShotgunGoneWild.zip (You need it). (No (MOD) next to name, it modifies the existing Auto Shotgun!) Let me know if there's any problems with them and I'll try to fix them asap. Mod details: All items in this mod have a (MOD) next to the name. This is
  8. Going to update the food mod soon, adding more foods!
  9. Hi @thatloopydude! I'll update the mod once I get the chance. Thanks for letting me know about this!
  10. More Cooked Foods mod update! Adds Milk, and Watermelon. Also Thumbs (Like Tums, but it's an Antacid regardless, helps with the new Heartburn buff that I have on some of my spicy foods) For right now you need to find Milk in fridges, etc, or shoot a Doe and get it that way..... I know I know the way I'm doing it right now is just asinine but it's the only way it will work right now.
  11. @Guppycur: I've got a question for your regarding Unity 2018. How would I go about adding custom model in to it [it being the game], and could it play Music for example? I'm thinking of a Jukebox kind of modlet. EDIT: On that note, how hard do you think it would be to get the Army Truck found in Military bases to be drive-able?
  12. More Cooked Foods mod update! Adds some Chinese food and more. More foods coming soon! OH, and I need feedback: How would you (the part of the community that uses mods) suggest I add Milk in to the mod? I'm trying to have everything use already in-game stuff for this. I suppose what i could do is add it so when you kill a Doe for example, you get milk when you harvest said Doe? I don't really like that concept, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!`
  13. More cooked foods mod!! Adds a lot of different cookable foods. Everything in the mod is made from vanilla in-game items!
  14. Re-did the Zombie Drops mod. It's also renamed to the "Increased Bag Drops Mod". EDIT: Right, it seems the edit I did doesn't work. Turns out I had the old version of my Increased Zed Bags Drops still in my mods folder when testing. So far it seems as if the one Claymore made is the only one that works. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if It's because I am over-writing the default Lucky Looter. I suppose the main goal is to only have the loot bags drop probability increase, not the amount of loot you get. I say this because I tested Claymore's Better Perks Lucky Looter mod, and in my
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