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  1. My husband is the one that does that part. We break up the tasks so we can specialize. He has now put a point in huntsman. He is also deadly with the bow. I like the crossbow.
  2. I usually start out thus: 1 pt lucky looter 1 pt Master Chef 1 Point Living off the Land 1 pt in either spears or Sexy Rex. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with the primitive bow. This has reduced me to forage for veggies and canned stuff as I can't hit game. I am practicing more with the spear to see if I can hunt with it.
  3. This is my first time posting. I have been playing since A17. I am now on the unstable build, and I play with my husband and friends. We have noticed that the hunger and stamina loss has been greatly increased. My husband has had to change his build to include hunting as he usually is the main miner/crafter and occasional looter. We choose roles to specialize in as we play. I am a looter/cook/farmer, and I am finding it increasingly hard to keep up with the food demands when there are more than two people playing on the server. The number of canned food has been nerfed. With one point in "Luck Looter" I can find up to a dozen eggs while searching for a base, but we almost starved by day 2. We have noticed the air drops have less food and the traders offer less "Buried Supplies" quests. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I fully understand that the devs wish to make it challenging but spending all the time foraging/hunting for food means less time for base prep, which spells disaster for horde nights. I have eaten a good breakfast (eggs, home fries, bacon, and toast) at 8 in the morning IRL and done yard work until noon-1 PM before needing to stop for lunch. So, there is no sense in you being reduced to starving when chopping down a couple of trees, scrapping three blocks of a roof, or even putting up railing for fortifications. I feel the stamina/hunger mechanics have been overtuned and need to be scaled back a bit.
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