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  1. Here's a good strategy for killing them without much danger, at least if you see them first. Place a wood frame on the ground and upgrade it twice. Then jump-place another on top of that and upgrade that twice too. Then you're standing on top of a two high platform. Agro the animal and then kill it at your leisure. If you're jumped and have no guns to mow it down with quickly then look for a building to nerd pole up the side of. Jumping on the roof of a car can almost sometimes make them attack the side/trunk of it.... although sometimes they will run up the hood and you need to kill it before they make it explode so that should only be a very last resort. They also don't jump very well so you can sometimes use a picket fence to jump back and forth over which generally gives you enough time to reload a blunderbus while the animal tries to figure out how to get over it.
  2. Thanks so much for your hard work. Been waiting all week for this
  3. I've encountered this issue multiple times beginning with A18, with the latest time being yesterday. Sometimes reloading the game (with exiting it completely) fixed it. Sometimes in A17 I could just 'update' a block next to it by hitting it with an axe or something and everything would fix itself in like a 20 block radius. I remember once having to go around my base and smack like 30 blocks to fix everything in the area. Unfortunately yesterday I just had to create a new world because nothing seemed to fix it. Fortunately, that was the first time it was ever un-fixable for me. And I've had this happen on 100% vanilla random gen worlds although the one I had yesterday did use Nitrogen but I don't think that has anything to do with it.
  4. One thing I sometimes like to do is to start a smaller POI at like 21:00 hours and go clear the zombies while ignoring 100% of the looting and scrapping, then when you're at the end it's usually just hit nightfall so I then go back through and loot/scrap literally everything inside. If you get a trader quest for the POI then all the better. I also like to save up my points during the day then decide on where to spend them during the night instead of wasting a couple of hours doing it during daytime.
  5. Shovels seem to drop too much as loot in this mod. Last horde night I got 17 steel shovels and at least a dozen in the previous one (nights 21 and 28). I also got 5-6 iron shovels each night too although the steel ones were what really stood out. Overall shovels were about 1/3 of all the loot those two horde nights.
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