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  1. In the last few alphas, heavy armor seemed to be left unused by many because of the penalties. Personally I wouldn't wear any of it before the steel armor set, if even that, since I usually would never spec into it because none of the previous heavy armor sets made sense to me from a min/max standpoint. And while I feel the penalties nerf in this alpha was needed, it has made light armor a lot less interesting and put it in the same risk/reward purgatory that most heavy armor used to be in. I don't feel like there's a whole lot of usefulness into speccing into light armor anymore. Scrap armor seems to be OP when you get to T5/6. Personally I would like to see the skill tree distinction between light and heavy armor be done away with entirely. Just give us one skill tree for them both and rebalance the stats of all armor to suit this. I think then a progression of armor should be this: 1. Padded - It offers very little protection at all and cannot be modded. It should be looked at like plant fiber clothes - things made extremely early on in the game and gotten rid of at the first chance. Everything you come across should look like an upgrade It should be found in loot but without being tiered. 2. Leather - It makes sense that this would be second. Leather is very easy to collect early on (couches, clothes, animals, etc) and would be the next obvious upgrade. It should just take a little leather and a little duct tape. 3. Scrap - It takes a bit more fashioning to make something like this. You'd want some practice making easier types of armor. I think a good recipe standard would involve one peice of padded armor (you'd want something to pad the inside of it, after all), some scrap iron and roll of duct tape. 4. Iron is the next obvious upgrade. You should use forge iron to make it and should have access to a forge by this point. 5. Steel seems like the next best choice to me here although I guess I could see arguments for military instead. Steel armor parts are great since it gives you something to look forward to in loot and something else to work towards. 6. Finally, military armor. It makes most sense to me because you'd think military equipment would be best for any apocalypse. It would be kind of crazy to me to have something less mobile be the end game armor set since you'd want mobility against zombies and I imagine you'll want bullet protection against factions of militias roaming the land (hopefully soon to be added). This should offer the highest protection without the largest penalties. I always hated how armors gave bigger penalties the better they got in this game, upgrades should always feel like upgrades and if we don't have to balance one type over the other then we can have something that feels truly end game. This gives much clearer armor progression. It would make looting more fun since you will want to use everything you come across. I don't feel like the current tiers within each armor type are very well balanced against one another, let alone the two types being balanced against the other. Does anyone really feel like there's a distinct flavor between the two armor types? Personally I don't. Perhaps maybe if the skill trees were distinct from one another it would be fine but they are exactly the same and offer no rewards over the other to be able to create a different playstyle. It just feels like I'm limiting myself if I spec into either so I don't even bother anymore and then it's just padded/scrap until I can get high tier end game armor.
  2. I would be shocked if it's intentional, in fact this is exactly the type of thing they generally nerf. One example being how holding the magnum used to intimidate the vending machines into giving better prices. It's just an oversight in the code. I know I've been able to do this for at least two alphas so it's flown under the radar for awhile but I';ve seen a few people on Youtube do this so I bet it is fixed for A20.
  3. Here's a good strategy for killing them without much danger, at least if you see them first. Place a wood frame on the ground and upgrade it twice. Then jump-place another on top of that and upgrade that twice too. Then you're standing on top of a two high platform. Agro the animal and then kill it at your leisure. If you're jumped and have no guns to mow it down with quickly then look for a building to nerd pole up the side of. Jumping on the roof of a car can almost sometimes make them attack the side/trunk of it.... although sometimes they will run up the hood and you need to kill it before they make it explode so that should only be a very last resort. They also don't jump very well so you can sometimes use a picket fence to jump back and forth over which generally gives you enough time to reload a blunderbus while the animal tries to figure out how to get over it.
  4. I play 90 because I enjoy doing a little bit of everything every day. I like to get a quest or two done and collect building resources. I find a POI I have dreamt up interesting plans for and then work on it at night - clear out the rubble, get walls repaired, get things upgraded and modified to how I like them. Eventually I'll paint the entire POI piece by piece with paint from scrapped dyes I get during the day. It gives me a nice sense of progression and also good exp during the night. But I feel like I'm wasting time if I do building during the day. I also don't like to spend entire days collecting resources to do the building but with 60 minute days it forces you to spend an entire day chopping down trees or searching out cobble/cement or collecting resources to make that stuff yourself. So the longer days help me spread out all the tasks evenly. It gives me time at night as well to figure out how to spend skill points and get workstations crafted without feeling like I'm wasting time standing there looking at the menus. I think 75-80 minute days would be perfect for me though and 90 isn't ideal. I really hate how the game doesn't have sliders for options like these or doesn't just allow you to enter in your own desired integers. I know they are quite stubborn about allowing this but it's not like the game is actually balanced around the 10/30 minute periods they allow so I don't see the reasoning being it. And why is it 10 minutes backwards and 30 minutes forwards? I have never seen something like that in a game's options. This game has the weirdest settings options.
  5. I think the gyro is by far the best vehicle. It's so much faster than everything else and the best bonus is that you don't have to get annoyed with running into something and grinding to a halt like with other vehicles. Motorcycle would be next as i like the speed/size/storage combo. 4x4 is good if you have a lot of crap to move. Minibike is last for me since I personally rarely even bother making a bike.
  6. So what does change, any idea? Just zombie health/dps?
  7. Why 'Boomers'? LBD is an older system than the most recent RPG style that was introduced in recent alphas. LBD is super old. I was a 90s/00s kid and LBD was more a part of the earliest RPGs than what has become the current industry standard - earning skill points to spend as you like. Not saying it's a bad system but it's certainly not the newer of the two, in fact I would call it old school at this point. And some Boomers play video games. I used to play MMOs with my uncle as a kid.
  8. The old forest biome was much better than the current on in my opinion. It actually felt much more like a forest. The current forest biome should really just be considered to be a plains biome, there aren't nearly enough trees to call it a forest. Speaking of plains biomes, the old one was alright although nothing special. I wouldn't mind seeing it again because it provided greater variety though. But for whatever reason the devs have been very clear that the plains is not coming back under any circumstances so don't get your hopes up. In fact I'd be quite surprised if they added any new biomes at all. I think part of the problem is that the maps are really already too small to support the amount of biomes it has, especially when randomly generated. Too many silly borders. So while I like the idea of adding something like a rain forest it would just add to the problem and make biomes smaller. And how do you put a city into the middle of a rain forest?
  9. Personally I love the new food mechanic tweaks. It gives a lot of incentive and meaning to those first 10 days or so. The point I start getting bored in each world is when i start to run out of things that need to get done each day.
  10. I don't think it makes the game any more grindy since it doesn't change how I play (not doing anything more often that usual) but it does make progression slower. Although too much in my opinion. It's not so much boredom that I experience but disappointment in the the good loot containers. If nothing else I hope they add a little variety to the boxes. Working Stiff crates are the worst, you have crates that end up containing only 4-5 small stone because you get your 1000th-1003rd stone items that you just scrap into small stone. I think it'd be cool to see maybe some flagstone blocks in them or a generous amount of cobble. Put some molotovs, grenades and pipe bombs in the Shotgun Messiah crates. Those are fun items but not powerful at all outside of horde nights and even then, only if you have the right base. Put more food/drink recipes in the Shamway crates. Really I just want there to always be a good chance to find at least one thing useful in each crate. Currently it seems like there's a one week lull between tiers where looting crates and chest is pretty dull.
  11. Personally I don't see the greater availability of PMW as being an oversight but a balancing measure to offset the food drain. Before this alpha the efficient digestion mechanic did not have much benefit. PMW and red tea have some actual benefit now and I think the only way it's really overpowered is if it so greatly offsets food that it's no longer an issue early game and IMO that's not currently the case. It's not like it's difficult to get hydration otherwise in this game. Trips to a lake mean nothing. Orr you see a snow biome, spend 10 minutes digging snow and have all the water you will need for 50 days. But that isn't to say the drink mechanics are perfect as they are. Personally I would like to see some form of water filtration workstations along with all environmental water sources being 'infected'. A basic filtration unit would just filter/cook the water and be easy to make early game. An upgraded version would make teas without needing RNG recipes. A final version would produce pure mineral water. It would give the player more agency over their survival and more things to do.
  12. Thanks so much for your hard work. Been waiting all week for this
  13. Stone sledgehammers and blunderbuses usage for me. I had already used both before this but only really rarely. Another thing is that I have dropped the bow entirely from my lineup past the first 24-36 hours. The primitive bow is pretty awful and I don't see any point in having one over another blunderbus in the hotbar.
  14. I used to get crashes right after loading. Also used to get them when opening containers of my inventory. A new hard drive fixed it, mine was dying. Maybe yours is too?
  15. It would take away too much progression. Vehicles, at least for me, are a huge focus the first few weeks. I don't really feel content until I have a motorcycle. Beyond finishing a horde base, I don't think there's anything more satisfying in this game than plopping down a fresh new vehicle you just crafted. And there's a lot of pieces for the first three that you have to make some effort to get at that stage of the game. Although I do hope the coming vehicle mods add speed because I do not relish the traveling itself. I'm also very glad trader spawn locations were changed to be close to civilization in this alpha. Only when I get a gyro does travel actually become a pleasure... until you want to land or take off in a tight space.
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