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  1. Appreciate the update! My friends and I were playing with your last files (the ones I posted the error about) and all guns seemed to spawn fine, but we ran into MANY chests having WAY TOO MANY guns from this mod in it, I'm talking one chest having 10+ guns in it and this must have occurred like 50 times between my whole server, do you think your new update fixes this? I can post some screenshots of the loot chests with too many guns, I know it has to do with this mod because vanilla gun spawns were not affected. We'd be finding 3 each of 3-4 different guns from this mod in one chest, not every time, but very often. We were swimming in modded weapons lol.
  2. I'm aware of that feature but I think it's just an additional feature on TOP of whatever vanilla timeout the server has, I do not think it has the ability to change the default timeout time. This is from their documentation: /set ping kick target {new or all} By default if a ping kick is set it only applies to new players. Set to all to have it applied to everyone. Note: Does not apply to exempt players which includes admins, donors and individuals that have been bot whitelisted. Restricted to owners and admins in-game and IRC AFAIK it's just to kick players with a high ping, I don't think it has anything to do with how long they've lost connection so I'm pretty sure it won't help me, especially because Botman doesn't run on Windows and my server is on Windows. I think it's only meant to be MORE STRICT than vanilla when it comes to kicking players, not less strict which is what I need.
  3. It's literally 2 seconds at the max, he looks at his internet connection quality in Windows and it's only lost the connection for like 2 seconds MAX. You can tell me all you want but I know what I saw. Even in Discord we stop hearing him talk for 2-3 seconds max and then his voice connection comes back. But the entire time he is not booted from the voice chat because Discord has a longer timeout limit than 7 Days to Die. I don't care about packet loss, it's my server, why can't I decide when players get disconnected? He plays a lot of other games with us and has FAR less problems on other games, so it's really just a problem with 7 Days to Die being so picky and booting people practically immediately. Discord allows a grace period before people are actually booted from the voice chat, of at least 5 seconds. All I am asking is for 7 Days to Die to have the same option. It's really not a huge ask. There is no "secure connection" to my game server, EAC is off and it's a public server lol. I don't see what security has to do with packet loss either. Also Discord doesn't take 3 minutes to reconnect/initialize the world so that's kind of a bad comparison, if it takes 3 minutes to rejoin a server that's all the more reason to allow server owners to decide when people timeout. I wouldn't even be asking about increasing the timeout limit if he could just rejoin/reinitialize the world in 5 seconds.
  4. A friend playing on my server is using a wireless internet card and he said it will lose connection for literally ONE SECOND and the game server drops his connection and he has to spend 3 minute rejoining because it's a modded server and takes awhile to initialize on his end. This does not seem fair, many games/servers will offer the option to increase the "timeout disconnect limit" to like 10-15 seconds, not literally 1 second. I've Googled a bunch of different terms and found nothing, saw nothing in serverconfig or any other config files either. This should be possible. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? For instance the same friend who disconnects, will be in Discord voice chat with us and Discord DOES NOT DISCONNECT HIM because his connection was only lost for a couple seconds. To explain in a different way, I want to be able to set the server so it doesn't disconnect clients until their internet connection has been lost for more than 5 seconds. This should be extremely simple, why is it not an option in the serverconfig.xml? If anyone has any suggestions, even if it requires mods, please let me know
  5. I applied your files and I get an error in console about loot.xml saying it's not applied, does that mean the weapons won't be found in containers?
  6. Zentri

    dcsobral's mods

    Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work, ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Better Drawer's mod, practically couldn't live without it and I tested it on A19 and it works good so far!
  7. So this supported on multiplayer dedicated servers? I assume all clients need the modlet as well? How exactly is the world generated? On the fly? If not using Nitrogen and you can't use the in game generator (cause it's a modlet) then how is the world generated? Just at random? Thank you for your time, I know in A19 they allowed modlets to load POIs and I assume that's what made this modlet possible, serious props and I appreciate it!
  8. Yes please, me and my MP server of 6+ people all agree! It would make getting our vehicles confused happen far less often.
  9. I'm not 100% sure because it seems like the folders you upload don't appear to have the name of the versions in it, but we are playing on the 18.3 exp version BEFORE the newest one where you fixed the superman punch, changed quests and told everyone they'd have to make new saves. (I think that's the newest one anyway.) I know it's fully auto and I do hold fire but for it to be accurate and do full damage (all pellets hit ) you basically have to be in the zombies face and that hurts when it's 3 big guys, you're basically guaranteed to take damage with multiple zombies coming at you. With the automatic rifles you can be much further back at a safe range and your clip is 50+ so they have a huge advantage when their damage is similar (like I said I believe a modded M4 is 150+ damage) I don't want to seem like I'm complaining, really like the mod and the crazy amount of new stuff, especially skills/recipes you've added! Thank you for your time.
  10. Why are shotguns seemingly so useless in late game Darkness Falls? Especially with advanced brass catcher ... AK47 or M60 or M4 etc is just way better. Combat shotgun is what, 190 damage if every pellet hits? Meanwhile the M4 with all the mods etc can be 150+ damage per shot, yet has much higher ROF with much better range. Combat shotgun is taking almost an entire clip to kill 1 zombie with 1000hp - this is like 7 rounds for the AK yet still has 50+ rounds left in the clip. Shotguns just seem insanely unbalanced, I am playing DF on multiplayer server and everyone on the server agrees that shotguns are now useless (each player is like level 50+) in comparison to the 7.62mm automatic weapons (mostly because all your stronger zombies are bullet sponges and the reload and ROF on the shotgun just can't keep up) Unless I'm missing something, with all the strong zombies your mod adds, why would anyone want to use the shotgun? (especially considering we have the advanced casing catcher now) In vanilla the shotgun has its perks because it doesn't use brass and speccing into shotguns + modded pump shotgun is almost OP but it's because there isn't a ton of 1000hp demons and stuff running around. DPS is just too low with the combat shotgun for late game Darkness Falls in my experience. It can't keep up when you have 5 zeds all with 1000hp each on screen. Let me know if there's something I am missing .. I'm fully specced into shotguns (5/5) and it still feels like a joke. The combat shotgun feels like a peashooter trying to take down the guys with 1000hp due to its low RoF and constant reloading.
  11. Are you sure you copied the prefabs to your prefabs folder? Also as he already explained, COMPOPACK does not mess with Vanilla, you can play Vanilla saves and CP saves on the same install.
  12. Question, regarding compatibility with character saves (Player folder) I want to transfer character's inventories/levels/skills/etc from a Nitrogen generated map which was generated WITHOUT CompoPack, using only stock POI's to a new Nitrogen generated map using CompoPack42. I made the new map and the world loads fine and all the new POI's from your pack are there, but I cannot get my character to transfer, every time I load into the world, I start off level 1 fresh character and the server overwrites the Player files. Almost like the server is finding the player files as invalid or corrupt (but they work fine in the map I'm trying to transfer the player's from) If there's an issue with compatibility between Player files on maps made without custom prefabs and with, please let me know, but I thought the Player files only saved info about your character and nothing regarding the map. (for reference I'm talking about the character files stored in Save/MapName/GameName/Players on dedicated or appdata/roaming/7daystodie/saves/MapName/GameName/Players on single player which is how you normally transfer over a character to a new map.)
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