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  1. IMLTHO, the problem is that they didn't start with a backstory - that's the real roadmap - and so we have a Star Wars sort of place where originally the Force was nebulous but somehow everyone in the galaxy forgot about the midi-chlorians from less than twenty years ago... or we had Stormtroopers that were all male... except one... and white... except they came from a latin dude who somehow cloned a black one... Consistency. It's what separates a truly awesome thing from somebody's sandbox.
  2. That might not be a bad idea, but no. Agonizing detail isn't needed - consistency of the world is. That's what makes a memorable thing differ from a punchline.
  3. I don't deny it sounds like fun, but in the case of the Demolishers it doesn't make sense. He'd have to strap suicide vests to a lot of people, because he wouldn't know which ones would become tanks and which would be just "normal" zombies, and then he'd have to build a containment facility that defies the rules under which we build defensive structures... Adamantium cages, maybe?
  4. It is easy to refuse to imagine it when it requires no imagination and only requires the game itself. If, across all of Navezgane, a player can't find this mythical mechanism that would allow him to weaponize the virus - call it "serum parts," if you really want to fit the game - then the Duke can't either. Imagination is nice, but when it requires one set of global rules for the players and another set of global rules for the imagination, it starts being more "plan 9 from outer space" than any decent kind of imagination. PS - If I am the only one ascribing superpowers to the Duke, how the heck did I post this under your name: "Villains like the Duke can be quite beyond our comprehension." True... but the nonsense that sticks is that which is at least consistent to itself - Firefly is a decent example of what I mean about consistency, while Star Wars has become the kind of punchline of something that doesn't. Then by that logic any sort of fireball-flinging magical lich that MadMole can come up with is just "enriching," not "scope creep." I'm sorry, but that kind of apologetics isn't what I think of when I think of "enriching." But it does mean that the "easily found roadmap" is not necessarily a valid argument for what is and is not part of the design. I'd accept that it's someone else's game and we're just living with it - but that means we shouldn't have to hear any defense other than "it's his." The rest is just apologetics.
  5. You're very kind, but giving the Duke superhuman powers of prescience (so he knows which victims will mutate into superzombies and which ones will not), and giving the Duke superhuman powers of control (the ability to keep the superzombies from blowing up as soon as they're turned, destroying his own base) is just plain silly. Maybe true, but the corollary is also true. Just because they say "crafting will exist" doesn't justify nonsense crafting decisions. Just because they say "there will be zombies" doesn't justify there suddenly being superzombies that have magical powers. If this is true, then no one should EVER point at the "easily found roadmap" as justification for ANYTHING... because it evolved privately and by definition that is not an "easily found roadmap." Pick your poison: Either it's easily found and justifies the decisions made, or it's privately edited and we don't get to talk about it. No doubt. Human ingenuity is only exceeded by human stupidity.
  6. That's kind of the same sort of weasel-wording that we had in the other thread about the roadmap. "Because there's THIS thing that can fit in an overly-broad application of a word, we can use ANY thing that also fits there and it's just fine." I don't accept that. Continuity, IMLTHO, is very important. For instance, it's not out of place if there are radioactive zombies. Why? Because the lore sets it up that there were nuclear elements to this holocaust and they even use radiation to set the borders of the map. Meanwhile, super-zombies that are tanks and also somehow came to be wearing suicide vests don't have that benefit. They're being RETCONNED, and the only explanation is "well, we have this one occult thing, so adding magic-wielding liches are fine too!" PS - yeah, I think we're even now.
  7. Damn. I was making a joke, but you got your panties twisted about it. But since you're going all that way about it, NO. I don't "accept" the demo zombies, or the hordes that magically know where you are no matter what because their Timex tells them it's the right date. I play the game, but the fact that I am here bitching about it proves I don't "accept" it.
  8. By that answer, ANYTHING can be done to the game, and there IS NO ROADMAP. Because "it's only a rough outline."
  9. IMLTHO, Demolishers - like many other "special" zombies - utterly destroy the immersion of the game (pun not intended). The OP has an excellent point - how did a massive, heavily armored, brute zombie get a suicide vest on them? Another example of how the devs lost their way from the roadmap - AFAICT, there was never anything in the original roadmap that said "we'll provide zombies you can't kill before they destroy your base."
  10. IMLTHO, the Log Spikes weren't OP. They cost a LOT in resources - especially if you upgraded them fully - but they lasted more than contact with one damn zombie. They were also realistic. You could use them to make a genuine palisade fortress (i.e. 13th Warrior Style).
  11. What's absurd about "occult radiation?" Hm... Let me ponder that one for a moment. Occult... Radiation.... Magic. Yeah, nothing absurd there. (For the record, I know there's another definition of 'occult.' But that's less funny.)
  12. Well, not to beat a dead horse - though I need the glue - can you tell me where in their original kickstarter "baseball bat parts" fits? Or what happened to the 5x5 grid crafting system? It's also true that they've added a WIDE range of items that aren't in their original kickstarter - the scope creep that I mentioned. - - - Updated - - - Of course it's not in a finished state. That's alpha for you. But I'm referring to the stated "roadmap," such as it is, and where the game is now. They've gone a bit far afield... True, technology changes. But that doesn't mean they haven't changed course. Just because you can use a jet instead of a propeller plane doesn't require you to go over the north pole instead of east-west....
  13. How did you get a fully-developed concrete room with a metal hatch on day four? Creative mode? If so, it's possible that you were the one who was damaging the space-time continuum...
  14. This. I can't say how much I've wished for a way to trap Zeds that doesn't rely on using the player as the bait.
  15. I've been leery of using iron spikes because of the time/energy/resource cost - wooden ones are so flimsy and I worry that these are too. The devs got rid of the large log-shaped ones, but I have to ask: Are the Iron spikes the new version of those heavy-duty spikes from A15 (I think it was then)?
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