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  1. I don't deny it sounds like fun, but in the case of the Demolishers it doesn't make sense. He'd have to strap suicide vests to a lot of people, because he wouldn't know which ones would become tanks and which would be just "normal" zombies, and then he'd have to build a containment facility that defies the rules under which we build defensive structures... Adamantium cages, maybe?
  2. It is easy to refuse to imagine it when it requires no imagination and only requires the game itself. If, across all of Navezgane, a player can't find this mythical mechanism that would allow him to weaponize the virus - call it "serum parts," if you really want to fit the game - then the Duke can't either. Imagination is nice, but when it requires one set of global rules for the players and another set of global rules for the imagination, it starts being more "plan 9 from outer space" than any decent kind of imagination. PS - If I am the only one ascribing superpowers to the Duke, how
  3. You're very kind, but giving the Duke superhuman powers of prescience (so he knows which victims will mutate into superzombies and which ones will not), and giving the Duke superhuman powers of control (the ability to keep the superzombies from blowing up as soon as they're turned, destroying his own base) is just plain silly. Maybe true, but the corollary is also true. Just because they say "crafting will exist" doesn't justify nonsense crafting decisions. Just because they say "there will be zombies" doesn't justify there suddenly being superzombies that have magical powers.
  4. IMLTHO, Demolishers - like many other "special" zombies - utterly destroy the immersion of the game (pun not intended). The OP has an excellent point - how did a massive, heavily armored, brute zombie get a suicide vest on them? Another example of how the devs lost their way from the roadmap - AFAICT, there was never anything in the original roadmap that said "we'll provide zombies you can't kill before they destroy your base."
  5. Point missed I’m afraid. Wooden Bow. Tier 2 bow. Simple recurve. 6 bow parts required. Or is this another joke I missed?
  6. I suspect it's been mentioned, but I have a gripe that is summed up in three words: Baseball Bat Parts. What are those, splinters? Do we really think Neegan needed anything more than a baseball bat and some barbed wire to upgrade his bat? The same goes for a lot of other things. Guns? I get it, you can't make the complex machinery that a modern firearm needs. Fiberglass composites for Bows and Crossbows? Same thing, I get it. But come on guys. Parts for every damn thing that's not a caveman implement... parts you can't make yourself? Surely some bows and crossbows, and s
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