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  1. Without bandits/reworked radiated zombies the game feels boring and too repetitive IMO.  pvp would probably cure this boredom but my gtx950 won't let me compete. And before trying to invalidate my opinion, i am pretty sure out of the 10 million copies sold a lot of people don't play the game anymore because of the same problem.   P.s. Don' t get me wrong, i like this game so much that i've played with the lowest graphics on 1024x768 AND with hardly 60 fps for 450 hours.

  2. @madmole

    The vehicles feel too overpowered and safe. been watching youtubers exploiting the almost instant get in/out of the car to put distance between them and danger(or abusing the stun mechanic to run something over, get out shoot it and repeat) such as running zombies and wildlife. I hope you'll nerf this and maybe make it more immersive so to speak, like a real animation to get in your vehicle that takes a bit of time and maybe while in the animation if you get hit the animation stops(imagining like the wildlife/zombies catching up to you and dragging you out).


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  3. who buys a stone shovel and deposits it in a working stiff tools crate(unopened/sealed) in their garage? asking for the fun>realistic topic, since the devs like to throw that a lot which i understand but, um.. i mean why not find these remnants of the dead survivors in actually realistic spots like trash, dropped backpacks, zombie loot(early game) and other things like that

  4. @MM

    Will we get the dying light weapons effect on zombies? I mean guns in DL can shoot holes in zombies and you can see through them, bladed weapons such as machetes, katanas, axes can chop in half zombies. What about special moves such as dropkick, sliding, and so on. We could use sliding to go under 1 block ways, make zombies crawlers by breaking their ankles when sliding and kicking at the same time. These moves could go in the agility tree since a lot of people dont like agility and could get the junk turret treatment, by which i mean being able to add points after you get 6 points in agility and so on for balancing. I think the special moves could really make agility fun and more viable for pr.

  5. If we gonna get drones, could we get the military pois guarded by them? It would be so cool having to either sneak or fight off drones to get to the good loot. The drones from these poi would not shoot military zombies and hazmat suit zombies, but anything else is a go. They would have limited ammo since it would be abused and when killed you can get a small amount of ammo and wrench them for iron/electrical parts/forged iron or whatever. Just think about going to the red mesa/silo military base and have to fight off a bunch of drones/zombies just to get in the perimiter of the base.

  6. I ve seen some mentions of gas masks. It would be cool if we would get some end game areas where the pois are filled with gas/radiation, but the compensation would be that there is a lot of loot, maybe even end game stuff such as tier 3 weapons or level 6 stuff.

    Maybe make that radiated city in navezgane in south west required to have a gas mask maybe even a hazmat suit to explore and loot.

  7. Will we get a multi tool like axe pickaxe and shovel in one tool? I figured it would be a quality of life change, even if it would be equal to iron tools maybe a little worse since the vanilla backpack just gets more cramped the more items we get in to the game, reffering to gun/armor parts and upcoming candys and so on.

  8. We should be getting a new sniper, a t3 50 cal sniper with 5 bullets mag, and the existing one should be a t2 weapon with a bigger mag, like 10-12 bullets, but less damage than the hunting rifle to compensate the ammout of bullets. It just makes sense, i mean the actual sniper we have right now feels more like a smg upgrade to the pistol, less dmg but the mag size and fire rate compensates.

  9. Could we have new zombies? i mean new skins. i am tired of the same ones. Also what if we can encounter a zombified survivor wearing armor. That would be cool, seeing a zombie wearing full steel armor running at you , or perhaps wearing just cloth armor.:strawberry:

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