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  1. Hey Guys o/ Sorry for my late response but i had a Family emergency wich had to deal with. @SylenThunder atm i am on the road back Home, when i am there i will Upload the File to the Offical Discord (my Name there will be MithrilDrake) @uawe92929 i will check that when i am home and let you know if i get it via Dm here @njugul thats what i allready did before i Posted here @Beelzybub even Compressed the File is over 25mb large thats also the reason why i can´t Upload it here because of the near 20mb limit.
  2. The Drop is not only there. It just happens like in this Video. I still try to get the Log uploaded here but it wont let me attache it and pastbin or justpaste are complaining that it is too large..... I am also try to find Fixes in the mean time since there are alot of ppl that found a work around just by Disableing the Voice Chat Oo @SylenThunder is there an other way to Send you the Log ? Maybe DM via Discord (than i just need to make an Discord account wich i already could have done xD )
  3. @Matt What you see on this Screenshots is just from the Testsave not from the original Savegame. But both behave the same so i dont think it dose matter.....
  4. Uhh i could have misstaken this yeah i mean FPS Drops not Lags in terms of Network issue. And if you mean the Timezone i am in UTC +1 (Germany) And about the Logfile i will try to get it Up here. If i use Pastebin it Crashes with "Too Large" and if i try to add the Txt as an Attachment here it tells me it is Uploaded but i can´t Select it. Could it be because i use my Smartphone as Connection (USB Threading) ?
  5. Hey there o/ I am pretty new to 7D2D. I did buy it at around 5 Dez. this Year. And i know its still in Alpha. I apologize if i did over see an Thread mentioning this Problem. So far so good than i will start to explain my Problem and hope someone can help me. After around 30 mins of Playing i start to get massiv Lags out of nowhere and the Game is nearly unplayable. I did install the newest Driver for my Graphiccard. I tryed an Older Driver. Checked for Windows or any other Driver Updates and installed them if needed. I did Validate my Gamefiles without any Error. I read somewhere that it will fix it self after turning down the Reseloution and set the Graphics to mid or even low. So i tryed that too but nothing changed..... To Day i noticed something strange to me. The House at the Farm on the map Navezgane Cords 885 N, 765 E (where i am at) is still showing up on Distanz even after i did break it down for Resources. When i get closer it disapers. (See Screenshots below) So i wonder if that is just a Glitch, or if my Savegame is broken wich i dont realy think because i had the same think going on an a new Savegame i made. (This happens with or without Mods) Screenshots From Distanz A bit Closer Leftover (nearest) Oh bevor i forget it at all this is my System : Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 RAM: 16,0GB Dual Channel Crosshair Vengence Motherboard: ASUSTUF B450-PLUS GAMING Grafik: MSI Armor Radeon RX 570 8 Gig Ram Harddrives: 256GB Patriot Burst SSD (Just Windows 10 is here installed) 2TB Seagate SATA III 480GB Patriot Burst SSD (7 Days To Die is here installed) Audio: Patriot Viper Gamingheadset USB with Audio Class 1.0 and 2.0 Device Driver I realy hoppe someone can help me to fix that Problem and i am willing to try things out. Thanks to any Answer
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