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  1. Two small requests: 1. Make a line in the server settings that allows damage from falling zombies. I want zombies to break their legs. As before. 2. Make repairs to tools and weapons at 75% of your current maximum strength. That with each repair the maximum durability gradually decreased. Now, if you found a tool or weapon level 6, the rest are not needed. Limiting repairs would solve this problem. Sorry for the bad English. The Google translator.
  2. Hello. I really look forward to the appearance of bandits. I ask you to customize the game without zombies, but with gangster settlements in ruined cities. Because the zombie apocalypse is weird. The settlements of bandits after the apocalypse are logical. Only without re-spawn. 1 city - 1 settlement of bandits. He killed everyone - new ones do not appear. I really like your game. I play Steam for more than 380 hours. P.S. I apologize for bad English, I write through Google a translator.
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