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  2. Ofcourse, how silly of me to think I can just plant a seed in the ground without reading the recipe on how to craft a seed from a seed that is in my inventory. It all makes sense now!
  3. So it appears now I can't plant seeds in the ground until I have learned the required recipe and spend points into "Live off the Land". This is just ridiculous... these restrictions are impacting the enjoyment of the game. Earlier versions never had this nonsense... I could just build stuff as long as I had the required resources... just stupid.
  4. Hi, Would it be a good idea to pickup forges and workbenches and storage boxes after being built? I've found a better location than my current setup, but I'll have to craft forges again and it's expensive to come by those resources Also I have a ton of loot it's going to take serveral trips to haul everything from storage into my own inventory and resort it:( Has this been mentioned before and any plans to implement it? Thanks.
  5. I prefer the earlier versions of the game when you could build anything, as long as you had the resources to do so. Now the game is a heavy grindfest to build even the most basic of items because of EXP/Schematic/Points pharming. Multiplayer was more noticeable back then as there was no grind it was just a fun crafting game, but they added things that didn't need to be added and introduced unnecessary restrictions in the game.
  6. Oh my gosh thanks for that. Now zombies walk towards me when they spawn this is the challenge that I like. I can't even harvest resources I have to keep moving and kiting them to different areas how am I going to build a base now???? So hard
  7. Edit spawning.xml. I did and they spawn everyday. I had to nerf the setting because as soon as I killed 1, another would spawn to replace the one I killed. There was no special conditions they just spawned generically regardless of what area I was in. 60 zombies in 1 area is challenging i must say and couldn't keep up with the constant spawning I was on the run constantly. Fun for a group but single player, almost impossible.
  8. Is there anyway to increase aggro range for zombies? All they do is spawn and wander, but I want them to instantly target me when they spawn. Also they are terrible at pathfinding. When I get to a high place they don't even try to knock down blocks they just walk underneath me in circles, please at least make it challenging. It's too easy to run and hide and they forget I'm even there :/| I've modified spawning.xml so they spawn constantly but in fewer numbers as there was about 60 zombies spawning every second, which was fun but made it unplayable to gather resources, crafting etc.
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