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  1. Maybe we can get some kind of tasers or stunning flashlight but thats all imo.
  2. Its hard to built a class just from single weapon. You dont have any variants for that kind of melee weapon.
  3. Nothing. Stun baton should stay as alt weapon of T2 like new handgun or axe.
  4. Hey guys, There is any upcoming changes in looting weapons/parts because for now it's too easy to find better weapon instead of craft new one. There is no point in crafting a weapons when you spending skill points and it makes crafting more expensive and you dont' have parts for that. The game could be more interesting if player have to collect resources to get better gun than from loot.
  5. Steam name: XYR0 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177256607/ Hours played: 617 Started on Alpha: 17 Discord name: XYR0#9173 Native language: Polish Operating system : Windows 7
  6. Summary: Trip wire post is not repairable Confirmed and Reported. Thanks for the report! - Schwanz9000
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