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  1. I'm starting to wonder if he's holding off, 19.2 experimental has a new map mechanic to improve performance. TFP is adjusting the Microsplat, and i wonder if it's going to break things further like their new reader they brought when Stable dropped. When that reader came in, Nitrogen started to act up and the maps started to come out with more flaws than normal. Perhaps TFP is making more map mechanic changes and Damo's just waiting to knock 'em all out at once?
  2. I had a question about a possible update on Nitrogen from 19 experimental to 19.1 or possibly 19.2 stable (later). Generation on the Height map has started coming up with issues, they render in about a block shallower than usual, and the water table itself is off by a block (plus the normal heightmap) which makes it sink about 2 blocks, making the water more broken than TFP ever did lol. Certain kicks like having no lakes have kept these large expanses of dirt fields to a minimum. (when they render in, the server console goes wild, giving a bad pathing and no heightmap errors client side
  3. Do Dedicated servers expect to wipe and start anew with all the bug fixes?
  4. So the swap from Experimental to stable will likely require a wipe?
  5. If we have servers running the 18.2 b5 experimental, is everyone able to play swapping to stable, or does everything have to be updated to "stable" and not experimental?
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