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  1. Make a little and efficient defense building, to reduce your resources consumption. Make vulnerability point traps (fake door access) to focus the zeds only in one point an deploy your fire power only in this place.
  2. I have any sugestion for the demolisher and other type of zombis. The demolishers are a mutated military demolition officers, is normal that appears in military complex (specially Red Mesa or other bigs military complex) at same time of other type of military zombis. This bould be a natural spawn site of this type of zombi. A variant of a fat police could be a claw police, a thin and fast moving zombi police with claws in her hands with a behavior similar to the witch of Left 4 dead. They can climb walls and produce hemorragic and infection state easily if hurt the player. This natural spawn can be police stations or streets in ruined cityes of wasteland.
  3. The hordes are really massives now, you need a filter to prevent your base demolition, find info about vertical semi ramps contention perimeter.
  4. But for that is greatest add a mobile bait, it works for your purpose and attract the attention of herrant hordes to sending all these zeds to specific points far of your base for example.
  5. Or infected cats, the game have infected dogs, that have found around streets, gardens and storage rooms. The cats are small animals in comparison and easily get into trash and reduced spaces. They can hurt the player similar of a spider with more fast movements and taking the possibility to adhere. The player need to use melee attacks to drop it and keep out to prevent a new attack.
  6. In the actual massive (really massive) hordes this is contraproducent, imagine many levels of corpses around your base or anti horde structure, this make electric, dart traps or spike defenses uneffective quickly and get to the zed the indirect option to make stairs of own corpses and attack points above of the concrete or steel level of your defense system.
  7. Land mine dropper or frontal chain saw are needed in any good zombi apocalipse.
  8. Runners hordes during normal nights and concatenated screamers are very frequent, especially if you have a very hot base (many working tables and furnaces processing material at the same time.
  9. why this have been removed from the build menu? They are essentials for the base defense system in the firsts hordes and the eventual herrant horde attacks especially if is a runner horde.
  10. Thanks for the replies. The implementation os this mechanic have many options, the most great the possibility and necessity of cook the basic food up of 40% of condition (for example) to get new food with 100% of condition and with a degradation time very much slow (depending of the grade and complexity of the recipe). This at the same time increasing the need of get new recipes with unique advantages and promote the farm of vegetables and hunting. If for example the condition of one individual piece or stack of food decrease under 20 or 18% this food may be stored to get rot. Indirectly this in online increase the number and variety of elavorate food in vending machines and this possibly save the life of a big number of PVE or PVP survivors.
  11. Hi, I m playing this game since the version 15 and y think that this game need any type of food degradation mechanic. A food degradation mechanic depending of a ambiental conditions (like a the long dark for example). When the food degradation increase the intoxication probability is higer and finally the iten turn in to rotten food, and may be used to make farm plots for example. This justify the need of make a simple refrigerator, powered / advanced refrigerator or the plastic fridge and snowball to preserve these foods during more time in here or in non-refrigerated containers like a wooden chest while you get the resources for make one of these and prevent a unrealistic mass storage of fresh food in non refrigerated containers without consequences (or benefits if you want to have many farm plots easily). I dont no if this mechanic is planned, taked in consideration or sugested but would be very interesting. Sory if my english is poor, that s not my native language.
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