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  1. I've had no problem modding both of those. Try taking one piece off and putting it back on after modding. Mechanically it seems like the game temporarily takes the piece off if you're wearing it and you try to mod it. Maybe somewhere in there it's not catching that you have the complete set on.
  2. 1.) Those are demonic zombies/vultures. They have a health bar like everything else so in close proximity you should be able to see when they die. The problem is they very quickly regenerate and have a LOT of health (1500ish). If you stop attacking them to reload or whatever they can easily go back to full health. Two things seem to help with this. Laser weapons disable their regen (I think) for a limited time, like the Rad Remover mod does for irradiated zombies. Also there's a Blessed Metal mod you can put in your weapon to double the damage against demons. I'm not entirely certain how it all works, but I've had a lot of luck using an M60 and a Blessed Metal mod to kill them. 2.) It took me a bit to figure out mining in this game but it's the same everywhere. The regular rocks at the surface will sometimes have metals in them when you break them. That indicates there's possibly a node underneath. If you dig down and hit stone carve a circle about 3-5 blocks around where the surface rock was out until you see additional sand/dirt going down. If you don't then I move on as I've dug a lot there and not found anything. If you do find additional sand/dirt there's usually at least one resource there just after the sand/dirt that continues down. Most times there's 2 or I've even found 3 clustered together. That's just how it seems to work generically. Titanium (and uranium and plutonium) are found the same way but in the wasteland (irradiated area). 3.) Not sure what error you were getting in the console so not sure what to tell you there.
  3. Hey Khaine. Glad to hear you're doing good. Most of my comments were questions that the kind community of folks here answered for me. The bulk of the issues I had with things like "the object you're trying to instantiate is null" went away when I used the mirror. Wanted to say thank you as I'm fighting off going stir crazy during the quarantine by diving heavily into Darkness Falls Really enjoying it. Still have to get back to the bunker and give that another go. The only unanswered I had was whether the bunker/research station can be reset like typical quest POI's? Or is there another way to reset a POI so that my friends I'm playing with that weren't along the first time can experience them?
  4. Good to know. I was worried it was because I was playing on experimental and that it was a WIP or something. Is there a way to reset these POI? A few guys didn't get to experience the madness that was the bunker as they weren't on when we did it and as I mentioned I did the research lab solo. I'd love to give friends who weren't there an opportunity to do those locations. Okay, I'll be honest, I want to sit in discord and listen to their panicked yelling as they do it hehe.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the info.
  6. Had an issue with a trader in a mod and had this same issue, where we spawned one to replace the bugged trader but they would just disappear after a while. I wasn't the one that placed it so I didn't know what options there were. Using your instructions I was looking at the menu and I don't see an option for persistent spawn. I see from dynamic spawner, from static spawner, and from biome spawner as checkbox options at the top with the default being from dynamic spawner. If I want a persistent spawn like you mentioned do I use static spawner?
  7. Hoping I'm missing something here. I ended up going to the bunker with a friend. Zombies (including behemoths) were literally spawning in our faces, room after room. At one point we stealthed and while it minimized the spawning it still happened. A group would spawn and ~3-5 seconds after killing the lot another group would just respawn exactly where the last one was. We couldn't do anything except kill zombies. If we both ended up randomly reloading at the same time we took a bit of a beating. Got to a room with a gun safe in it, told him to try to hold them off, I couldn't make it more than 3 seconds each attempt before I had to cancel and help kill zombies. We decided to head back to the beginning and found the entire entrance was destroyed and we had no way out except to nerdpole it back up. While there a behemoth spawned almost on top of my friend and one hit him before he could react. I was able to burn it down and get out. I also ended up doing the research lab and did not have the same issue with spawning on top of me, though I did that one solo. Perhaps it was just a weird glitch? I did have the same issue with the entrance being destroyed and having to nerdpole up to get out. It seems like zombies above can hear me and they fight their way in behind me. I was in there clearing overnight and lot of zombies had congregated behind me since it was wasteland night spawn. Luckily I closed one of the sliding doors near the entrance behind me just in case, but the demonic ones had fireballed the stairwell/ladder area to get into the lab into a wreck. Without revealing too much the end of the lab was excellent. Took me a bit to figure out what was going on as I didn't even get to the last room and had stuff coming to me that I had to clear through to find out. I can safely say that without getting some advice on where to find it those locations would have never stumbled across them, though I really dig the additional depth that those specific locations bring both from a narrative standpoint and a tech progression one.
  8. Gotcha so just the description isn't up to date. Makes sense. Oh that's awesome, thanks! Now I'm itching to get a few more and check out the dialogue options. Awesome. I was initially worried that we didn't have a map with those mod specific locations in them but then I learned we were using one of the default DF medium maps so I knew they had to be there somewhere. Turns out we're basing in a corner of the map that they're just not nearby. I've heard there's an npc named Eve somewhere that gives a quest for these locations but I hadn't seen her either. Guessing we're just not in good proximity to anything heh. I very much appreciate the information.
  9. Probably wellness I'm guessing. When you die you lose wellness. It's a hidden stat that accumulates when you eat food or drink water with wellness on them. It's explained a couple of posts above. Wellness allows you to increase your max hp, max stamina, and max hunger slowly above the base value but I've had someone else tell me that when they died a lot early game they had very low hp for a while until he got his wellness up. He died near a demon portal exploring and kept dying while trying to get his body back.
  10. Couple of notes about server 18.4 experimental and some questions I had. The box of 7.62 ammo has description text that indicates it does the same thing as the normal version, crafts 100 ammo more efficiently. However when I'm at the metal workbench trying to make boxes of 7.62 ammo it shows the materials required as 300 7.62 ammo and it looks like the output is a box of 100 7.62 ammo. I keep getting a green item that looks like skill notes but named DFTraderJenFactionBook and has the icon as if it's an unread schematic after turning in quests to her. Doesn't seem to do anything when I use it. The question I had was regarding the hidden bunker in the wasteland with the future tech stuff in it. I read earlier in the thread that people could search for 'research' in the prefab.xml file to verify whether one actually existed on the map. When I do that I'm not finding any results. In fact when I look through a variety of the maps prefab.xml files I'm not seeing it on any of them, even the default DF maps. My guess is this changed at some point and I read outdated information. Can anyone clarify what the prefab name is for the POI with the laser workbench? Edit: Want to note all my previous issues were resolved by doing a clean install and using the mirror. All the crashes and console error spam went away. I appreciate the work put into building this fabulous mod.
  11. I have noticeably better drop rates on hazmat pieces when I do things like the T5 hospital. It seems like the rad suit wearing zombies have a higher drop chance of them and there's quite a few in that POI.
  12. I'm pretty sure we're up to date. 7DTD version is 18.4 Stable, Current Mod Version is 2.50.1. That said, after checking different traders they do work so it's not all of them. And I got a message from the guy hosting the server that said he fixed the issue. I'll see what he did and report back just in case anyone else has the issue. Edit: So what he did to fix the issue was just use admin tools to kill and respawn the trader until it worked, said it took a few tries. He did the same with the guard captain but it seemingly wouldn't resolve so he gave up trying to spawn that specific one. I'm not certain if it's coincidence or not, but the issues seemed to start after those specific npc's died and respawned. Friends got overwhelmed during a bloodmoon and ran inside the trader outpost. The trader lived, the guard captain did not. My friend that told me about the issue said when he spawned again he was buggy. The same thing happened to the trader but I was online playing when she died. We're not far from that specific outpost, built just outside. When our bloodmoon ended we went outside to do cleanup of the remaining zombies and one of the guys noticed they were killing a zombie named Zombie Trader Bob. We joked about it and then I ran inside the outpost to see. Sure enough Trader Jen was nowhere in sight, heh. The server was restarted the next morning and when I logged in afterwards she was back and that's when I started getting spammed with the error messages. Either way, we found a workaround so all good.
  13. I'm playing a multiplayer game and around day 65 one of the other guys told me to avoid a specific trader (the commander who has medical supplies) in a trader outpost near our base. Every time he opened the trader's inventory he would be spammed with error messages. I wasn't sure if it was specific to him so I checked and sure enough it's nonstop spamming the following when the trader's inventory is open: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object While it's doing this the trader's inventory appears to be empty, no items listed at all. The guy who runs the server restarted the server and now the regular trader in the base is doing it too. We have a couple other traders within range of our base that I haven't checked out but this was the closest one. Has this happened to anyone? Is it something that can be fixed without starting over?
  14. Initially I thought the zombie rage thing was very annoying but that was when I first played the game. I couldn't figure out why they would sometimes run at me for a period of time. But I got used to the way the zombies fight, figured out the mechanics, and learned to expect a rage and how to react appropriately even early game and I can safely say that without it the bulk of zombies wouldn't ever be a threat. And being in danger is the fun for me. I never experienced pre A18 though so I can imagine a behavior change after acclimating to how they fight can be jarring/frustrating though.
  15. In my current game I'm using a T6 compound xbow. Headshots are 1 shot kill on everything under an irradiated feral zombie biker it seems (default settings). Doing solo tier 5 poi's with a full ranger book set I barely use any ammo at all, I save that for the horde nights. I tried a T6 compound bow but the damage was noticeably lower and wasn't getting single headshot kills. Possibly a low rolled one, don't know. I'm doing it more for fun as I know it's vastly quicker to just baseball bat things down and this build results in me dumping 10 points into stealth/hidden strike that are ineffective during bloodmoon. Though going in with a group it's also a waste of points as allies waking zeds up results in no hidden strike bonus, just something to keep in mind if you end up going that route.
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