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  1. Ryzzle

    My prefabs

    awesome, cheers man
  2. Ryzzle

    My prefabs

    - - - Updated - - - please tell me it worked, taking me longer to share this than to build it, seriously only took me 2 days to whip this up, zeds and all
  3. Ryzzle

    My prefabs

    hope this works, link to google drive with prefabs (just 1 for now) Auto wreckers https://drive.google.com/open?id=13eB9Hyk-CfHHzp5jgty_E9UG2SjS_Lh9
  4. Ryzzle

    Vehicle mods

    with dye mod slot
  5. I like nomadic style too every now and then, I go -start with 4x4 full tank, level 1 or 2 shovel and wrench (sometimes a bicycle too) -never craft a forge or wb -no lcb -never use a helmet light -try avoid using trader -90 minute days -no bm -sprint in day -nomad or warrior difficulty -no loot respawn (this one keeps you nomadic) after reading other comments I'm so going to try 10 minute days with hnen
  6. maybe have the ore nodes show up on the mini map in different colours so you find them after you have passed them, like how the vehicles show up as black. I would love to see a way to make custom maps without the whole tech background and using excy programs like photoshop etc. Who hasn't tried to build their home town on simcity, be cool as to be able to do this and would open the game up for the customer base to build whole new worlds over and over. If there was a simple way to change biomes, ad rivers and mountains, than boom another game within the game
  7. A18.1 I play solo games, I like the jack of all trades no specific build. day 40 something with 300% xp and nerd glasses, have 3 points in lucky looter, have inventories worth of stuff, can't seem to get the xp up quick enough to allocate points to be able to build gear or weapons better than what I can loot. So now all the looting seems pointless and grindy to just get bullets and random books. So I ditched that save game, new game, 1 in lucky looter to avoid forever loot times, balancing between looting and crafting seems to be way better, although looting still supersedes crafting. My thoughts, speed up looting to level 1 lucky looter equivalent and ditch the perk or change what it does. And maybe weapon and gear crafting gets better as you craft, a learn by doing thingy, eg 1st pistol craft level 1, 2nd one level 2 etc I tried a game where I didn't use any weapon I looted I scraped them and used crafted only, was challenging and not bad game play either. Oh and the springs man, chain mod needs 10 springs, this needs 10 springs that needs 10 springs, want to hammer a bunch of nails at the end of your baseball bat, that'll take 10 springs to do that. note:still absolutely love the game
  8. Thanks mate, I'll have to give it a crack
  9. Ryzzle

    Vehicle mods

    Couple of ideas Bicycle: a crate that you can tie to the handle bars for extra storage (old school) or one those spring thingies on the back Moto: saddle bags, storage (could make them out of leather/sewing kits) Car: drop tank for extra fuel storage and a gasifier( I think they call them), dooms day prepper on youtube made one, some big contraption that went on the back of the car that you chucked wood in to burn and used that as an alternative fuel source, like doc's DeLorean garbage thingy in back to the future had a few more forgot to write them down, will hit yous up if I remember or think of more
  10. I've built 1 of those, working on another, may see it on not a gamer gaming video one day soon hopefully, + I built an auto wreckers, I think Americans call them pick and pays or something. I just don't know how to share them on here as files are not accepted
  11. Maybe just the raw meat, there is an excessive amount to the point where you just run past animals in an apocalypse,which seems silly, plus the rotten flesh then can be used for farm plots
  12. G'day, how do I share poi's/prefabs I've made on here? Went to attachments, tried to upload files but looks like it doesn't except to files that make up the prefab, under steam/data/prefabs etc... Thanks
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