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  1. Hi Darkwolfe! I had the same problem... but figured out how to fix it... follow these steps: 1) In Nitrogen\Resources folder, open 'CompoPack_43.txt' in a text editor 2) Look for "//TRADER'S" section, and ADD directly under that header (pushing the others down...) these rows: trader_bob,none,2,-1,41,27,46,trader trader_hugh,none,2,-8,45,28,49,trader trader_jen,none,2,-1,43,24,41,trader trader_joel,none,2,-1,35,32,35,trader trader_rekt,none,2,-1,37,24,37,trader 3) Now run Nitrogen again, and the top-right dropdown, select the CompoPack prefab When you open the map in a
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