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  1. nevermind....(answer was literally a few posts above...*doh*)
  2. newb question (I'm not a newb, I swear!) does this work on a dedicated server? (even more generally newbish) do any/all DMT mods work on dedicated servers? besides my ignorance, this is an AWESOME addition to the community collection!
  3. this is such a cool development!....I hope you're still active with it cuz it feels like there's so much potential. a couple questions.... (I'm experimenting with it but haven't done enough yet) How do Wilderness Spawn increase modlets affect this? (like JaxTeller's x5 multiplier) same for increased wandering hordes and increased screamers? do they change the way WalkerSim works and/or are they compatible? and to run on a dedicated server, can I just use the server version on the server or do the clients need the DMT version as well? thanks for the cool mod....if I was a better programmer (not just a hack-n-slasher/copy-n-paster) I could really dive into this more(!)
  4. ha! yeah...the military bunker is rough(!) but there is a way to stop the spawns *right in front of you* (I don't want to spoil it!) although they are great for farming coil gun parts, door card keys and research notes
  5. 1. I found that the "boxes" of ammo is just to carry more ammo efficiently...up to 5 stacks of 300 per backpack space. I don't think there's a crafting option like in vanilla. 2. The trader faction books will add dialog options with that trader after you read/use 5 of them(!) 3. in the prefabs.xml, the Darkness Falls specific POIs are named DFalls_Military_Bunker, DFalls_Resarch_Lab1 & DFalls_settlement_trader (little spelling error for the research lab!) when I used Nitrogen (with the DF prefablist.txt file) I usually had one of each but sometimes they wouldn't get added.
  6. got it! now both traders have the other options... really cool addition
  7. I haven't read 10 yet(!) but I read 2 different trader faction books a few times each DFTraderJenFactionBook and DFTraderJoelFactionBook but don't get any other options from either trader (other than normal) I even reloaded my save a few time trying debug admin reset inventory/quests ...did learn they scrap to paper
  8. I did DM - force reset both inventories/quests on 2 Traders and I had a few of the Faction books from each. I tried reading from the toolbelt as well as "use" from backpack and I had checked the quests offerings from both before reading...but didn't see a change(?) anywayz....not game breaking at all. Everything else as far as changes in build 2 that I've noticed works great.
  9. ha! I don't find "that" many...but there are a bunch you can totally create your own prefab list using Nitrogen... (edit out anything Asian if you want!) and also make mega citys that cover the entire map Just make sure you start from the custom DF prefablist.txt file along with the mod provided Prefabs folder content in your steam install directory when creating the RWG map no more undead sushi for you!
  10. ahhh so... thanks Dethar! I was looking for a reset all command the trader books are a new feature that might make more sense when I reset them(?!) it's part of the new experimental update/build...from DF discord "Traders now reward items that grant the player faction with JUST that trader" I think the "books" are there because I didn't reset. Will try tomorrow.
  11. ...how do you console command reset the Trader inventory and quests? anyone?
  12. what are the Trader Faction Books used for? better pricing? I've had 3-4 so far, Jen and Joel...read Jen twice but didn't notice a difference (I will eventually figure it out...but maybe this has something to do with not DB-resetting them?)
  13. I love this mod! The most fun I've had in a game since....Fallout 3! my 3rd playthrough, first 2 times were on Nitrogen maps...this time on the #1 Med map (which was also Nitrogen I think) so far, so great! I'm on the latest experimental 2.51 b2 and wondering why I need to use Debug Mode to re-stock the trader inventory/quests? I didn't after updating and it seems OK, but maybe I'm missing something... Thank you for all the work you put into this. I really enjoy the progression, build up and balance of challenge and reward.
  14. holy shite.....*just* survived (but everything got destroyed) horde night 49 on survivalist @ trader Jen's game stage 530ish and it's sooooo relentless!!!! why is radiated Trader Joel attacking me???? what a great mod!.... @KhaineGB
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