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  1. can some one plz tell me where to find the mod fantasy mod tk u
  2. can someone plz tell me in what do i make yucca juice in plz tks alot
  3. yes i am havin same proublem but i am goin though blue fang i got over 10 players who cant connect they keep gettin disconnected and they have unstalled 7 and dele all the files and god know how many times they have del they mod but still get kicked when loading into server and i as b fang they saying its either there computer or internet i dont beleive that u telling me all they people have crappy computers or internet ya ok .. so its not only yours its mine as well something with mod or them not sure what one ....
  4. so my server is on vanilla texture but was wondering why area are plain fields are big and empty .. question does it take others a few to get in game loading server and charter takes a while
  5. yes my server is getting the same bad graphic i am on vanilla text one
  6. any news on when its gonna hit 17.2 stable yet ???
  7. my server was on day 272 then we went to day 273 horde nite and then when day 274 come it set us back to day 272 all it keeps doing any idea why ???? i have the bot on my server so its set to shut down every 2 hrs but its not reading a saved world for day 273 and 274 why it taken us back to day 272 last save the botman has so something goin on with mod ..
  8. sorry emma been a few days sence i been on here .. happy to hear it worked on my server ..
  9. emm what server are u trying this on ? if u like u can try to come on my server and c if it will work as mine does work 5.3.1 its called GrowAPair war of the walkers .. not sure what server u trying but u can try to connect to mine k worth a shot right
  10. there alot of us having same issue with lagging ... its not your computer its the game itself ..i really hope it gets fixed soon as it hard to shoot z in towns or city
  11. what u mean a wide variety of things lol no u have me nerves to use it
  12. what the regen command do plz as most of our traders are dead .. where do i find info on this as well tks alot
  13. no u are right bout lvling nastydwarf there alot more wrong as well with mod no desert zombies not showing up on horde night or for that matter in building heck we can loot a whole tall tower and not one zombie lol and mine are set to 80 .. heck we had the admin spawn us in zombies just so we could do horde night was great but ya maybe when 17 falls will be much better with mod .. and the LAG omg that really needs work
  14. where do we find a hack saw plz as we cant find one for nothing
  15. ok question is anyone else havin issue with zombies not spawning in buildings ?? as we can lot the talk book store and not one z in it and my zombies are set to 80 on server plus on horde night we had 36 total on whole map and there was like 11 players on not sure what is goin on
  16. i have 4.02 on my server and NO desert biome anywhere either so not sure whats goin on either
  17. pts means points u have to buy it lvl 2 your archer has to be lvl 30 as well
  18. u need to earn crossbow with pts i thought same thing yesterday lol but found it
  19. so in the archer class saying we get a crossbow schematic and we do not but i can make repeaters - - - Updated - - - ya i just took a antibiotic for infection sayin i have over 20 plus hrs for the cure hope it works lol
  20. i agree with u mr but was just wondering thats all
  21. any idea when the update is coming plz
  22. tks for the replay one more question does it ever stop raining ??? can we shut rain off as well
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