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  1. Hot diggity daffodil, this game looks bloody amazing now! I only just recently upgraded my PC from a i7 4770 + 970 GTX to a 3700X + RTX 2080 Super and boy am I glad I did, It's real treat for my eyes, I especially love the way the weapons look and change when you add mods. SO. GOOD. Combat feels easier in A19 like the weapons feel more effective in the beginning now then they did in A18, I always play on warrior so I definitely am noticing a big difference and it feels good. Still my favorite game Pimps, keep it up please! ❤️
  2. I have encountered the same error and I was using bullet proof glass and when I hovered over concrete and held 'R' to open the context menu I choose "Copy Shape" and now my game is destroyed. EDIT: Okay so, I just tested this just now and was able to reproduce the bug in a new game. 18.2 (b2) It happened when I was using a bullet proof glass block, I place one down, I have my mouse pointer hovered over the bullet proof glass and then when I hold "R" I am able move my mouse away from the bullet proof glass and point it at something else because there is a slight delay to when the radial context menu pops up and I choose "copy shape" and that is when I get the "IndexOutOfRangeException: Index Was Outside The Bounds Of Array" error. p.s I used creative menu.
  3. At first I was a little sad to see the iron ore go but I am already used to the new change and havent really felt a negative impact on the way I play the game, still finding loads of the stuff and smelting all the same. Personally I am not bothered by it but I will miss the iron ore icon because i just liked seeing it and its nice little value of 5 iron.
  4. I had a really long break from this game and It feels damn good to jump back in. Food feels more balanced now like im on day 19 in my current game and I still need to keep on top of it here and there although I actually just put down a few of these "farm plots" which is completely new to me, I definitely like that the seed remains planted once I harvest the fully grown plant, it's a nice touch. It is my first time using the recently added motorbike too, makes me feel like a badass mutha riding that beast around. I'm hooked again. P.s congrats on getting the rights back for console version, really good news firm handshakes all'round.
  5. A18 is amazing, I wasn't into a17 nearly as much as I am into a18. I wasn't a fan of the small book buffs, I much prefer this re-invented old system. It just feels like everything is really on point this time, especially spawn entry and rwg (for me at least) Praise be to the Fun Pimps
  6. have been itching to jump back into this game, currently downloading but prolly won't get to play until tomorrow (worse than your average aussie download speed) Safe to assume i'll probably love it.
  7. After such a long wait A17 is a VERY welcome change for me, the combat is a lot more slow paced but in a good way imo, I like that you can no longer loot zombies it is a great balance and i find it really pushes me to scavenge more which i love. The graphics and pois are really beautiful to look at, like i have been taking a lot of screenshots and they have all looked good, this game is really easy to take a nice screen capture of now, i also like how there is decent loot containers at every poi its a nice feeling. I like the skill system as it is but I understand that that is something that is being discussed and changed i think? I think I would prefer less strict gating but i get why it IS gated so strictly now. My computer died recently due to a power out (i thinks its my psu but not sure) but I can't wait to get it fixed so I can get back into the game! Thanks again Pimps.
  8. Really looking foward to this alpha, I think it's going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the new A.I in action, I am prone to building on stilts so I'm probably already doomed. God speed pimps
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