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  1. Congratulations to everyone who qualified 😀 can't wait to see all the awesome content! I can see why some ppl would be upset but its an understandable business decision. I would like to submit (for the future) that I do believe reaching 1k subs in YT is as relevant as reaching partner with Twitch... not only in the amt of hrs it will take you (probably a year for most) but also in the amt of hrs u will spend editing. I am not even at 1k so I def have no skin in the game, I'm just trying to support those who are talented, professional, and have a certain magnetism, but for whom the YT algorithm does not yet apply. I hope that is considered in the future, but I wish everyone the best of luck! I hope this launch goes great and I will definitely be watching 🥰
  2. I apologize ahead of time for the massive teaser but... we go on an adventure to find several traders, leading us to Trader Jen's fantastic secret stash!
  3. A questy day in the frozen tundra of north
  4. [video=youtube_share;N8VeZAFb3B8] [video=youtube_share;Go-31QyQfbk]
  5. no ur not Abbii! I totally feel ur pain. I have been praying for better textures. By now I think I would have learned to paint a chipped wall or cleaned a dirty couch. It's the apocalypse but I can still like nice things
  6. Steam name: Laney https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031239799 Hours played: 520 Started on Alpha: 17 Discord name: Laney#9441 Native language: English YouTube Content: I have made hundreds of videos on 7 Days to Die on my channel, Nerdlette Gaming since Nov 2019 http://www.youtube.com/NerdletteGaming I have a lot of time on my hands
  7. [video=youtube_share;XESqxKn_dHc] [video=youtube_share;DsNSKnKV6Zg]
  8. [video=youtube_share;yBQ8Mqvywow] [video=youtube_share;Bpp99HBS7Uc]
  9. [video=youtube_share;ynCkqzXTC4U]
  10. [video=youtube_share;R-c0kr4jTks]
  11. [video=youtube_share;R6kJlKdTGGU]
  12. [video=youtube_share;BwUbKboZ3LE]
  13. [video=youtube_share;nqMZ7Nvo-Go]
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