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  1. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Also found another potential bug.Hiting follower NPCs is yielding +2 bluberries after unlocking "living off the land" perk,and then harvesting bluberries(or whatever fruit).
  2. A PET WOLF?!!!! WOW MAN! Can i have/summon multiple wolves? Also is there anyway to just have this feature of the mod? i mostly play vanilla but SP is lonely as hell.A few furry friends would be awesome
  3. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    I had a very interesting bug. Delta soldier AK ,when teleporting to me when i entered my house,teleported into the basement and transformed into a wolf. I had him following me,and noticed he didnt follow me into the house,i went to my basement and there was a wolf.Killed it and never saw Delta soldier again. No entry points that a wolf could have come through so it hit me that delta must have turned into the wolf. Hilarious lol I then remembered you saying NPCs are spawning via animal spawns so kinda makes sense.Something got broke in the matrix
  4. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Awesome i just realised you can heal NPCs with first aid items. really cool
  5. Thank you Sphereii that is great to know. I had thought about learning the DMT tool and your rite i probably should set some time aside and learn it. Yeah the NPCs are working fine though i had to shuffle around their AI target priorities in entity.xml as they wouldnt attack zeds until hit. Im guessing it was intentional but i prefered the old way that they aggro'd instantly so i edited the config to have that so. Is the other big project called Winterween that you and xyth are working on?does it incorporate NPCs too by default? cheers and good luck on the other projects
  6. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    are you up to date with all required mods? mine is working fine.They follow. only issue(not really a bug) is that they dont follow upon reloading a game,u must tell them again to follow.
  7. Thats great to hear,your mod looks very cool. Can you tell me how exactly AI are broken?Some special scripting particular to your mod/implimentation of them or AI in general?I had some issues with Xyths DMT NPCs mod but its working relatively fine after i tweaked a few values in entity classes to modify behavior
  8. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Sure,head on into the NPC PACK HUMANS folderopen up entity classes.XML with Notepad++ There will be a few instances of the following lines: <property name="AITarget-1" value= <property name="AITarget-2" value= <property name="AITarget-3" value= <property name="AITarget-4" value= you need to edit them to read this: <property name="AITarget-1" value="SetAsTargetNearestEnemySDX, Mods" data="class=EntityAlive,80"/> <property name="AITarget-2" value="SetAsTargetIfLeaderAttackedSDX, Mods" data="class=EntityAlive"/> <property name="AITarget-3" value="SetAsTargetNearestEnemySDX, Mods" data="class=EntityAlive,80"/> <property name="AITarget-4" value="SetAsTargetIfHurtSDX, Mods" data="class=EntityAlive"/> This essentially makes NPC prioritize setting a nearest target first and attacking,instead of its default behavior which used to read <property name="AITarget-1" value="SetAsTargetIfHurtSDX, Mods" data="class=EntityAlive"/> Which caused them to need to be attacked first in order to aggro.Problem with this was that NPC aggro was cooling down after a while and they needed top be attacked again in order to become aggro. Value 3 and 1 are the same and probably do not need to both be there but i find it ensures NPCs will carry out the attack. Xyth can clean it up and tell you how better to impliment it but for now this works
  9. will NPC followers be reintroduced?
  10. I heard this mod has recruitabe NPCs,is that true or did i hear wrong? didnt see info on front page about it
  11. Sorry to trouble you @sphereii,i had a question...as i understand it , "sphereii core" contains scripts for the DMT NPC mod from Xyth. Is there any update or changes coming in future and will these mods be always supported? it seems 7dtd updates are great at breaking mods and i rely heavily on the NPC mod to enjoy the game,so i hope theres some way to continually use them. I tried using a version of NPCs that were alpha 18 and sphereii core from Alpha18 but the launcher couldnt compile them(something about SDX) I had the launcher drop down option also on Alpha18. So im not sure why it couldnt compile. Basically im looking for a way to "safegaurd" these mods,or "futureproof" them. As they are important to me in terms of playing this game. Anyway to do that?
  12. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Hey i managed to tweak NPCs and make them aggressive initially to zeds via the entity classes xml. Things seem quiet Xyth ,is this mod finished or will there be future updates?
  13. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Hey Xyth hope your keeping well. I just reinstalled everything and started playing again. Thanks for adding in some new NPCs. Got a small issue though,off behavior from NPCs.And i only notice this when they are hired.....They will not aggro any zombies(vanilla tested). They will only aggro if they have first been attacked by a zombie. Even after that,maybe a few minutes of playing later,and they forget they are supposed to fight them.Zombies can be close,and i the player attacking them,yet NPCs who are hired simply ignore their presence until hit by a zombie. Tested on almost all npc s that you can hire. While they are not hired they seem ok(i think) can hear them shooting in the distance. I didnt edit any .xml file. I then tried to edit the faction of all NPCs to whitriver from "redteam" etc etc.Still didnt work. On Alpha 19.3 single player. Also tested on Alpha 19.2 and same issue.
  14. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    ah ok i changed NPC heavy guy and eve to be part of whitewater faction so i can recruit them.However their health doesnt regen like the normal whitewater faction NPCs. Is there a way i can activate their health regen? I couldnt find it in the xml files. Also NPC joel has a bug where his head animation is broken,his head hangs to the side.
  15. Redarmy45

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Hey Xyth whatever happened to the GUP NPCs? Still references of them in the xml but they arent in the list ingame.
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