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    full-time crew manager for london fire brigade with near 20 years experience
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    secret underground bunker,united kingdom
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    standing around doing nothing,pointing my finger at people/But seriously 7d2d :)
  1. @Mumpfy really love you're skin mods is there a link to where we could donate somethink enough for a coffee or of equal value i just think you're work is under appreciated if we can't give somethink back for you're hard work..also if i may ask are you able to do somethink similer to the traders ( not trader jen but the other traders)...thanks for you're work it has not gone un-noticed 👍
  2. best off blacklisting them so they cannot log into the server is the best punishment..this game is not that realistic tbh
  3. @azragarn this maybe the answer you're looking for regarding traders spawning underground
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