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  1. Thanks but for some reasons, the program isn't a .exe on my desktop, its the first time I deal with a shortcut on my desktop that won't get me the location where the original file is located, any explanation as to why its not a normal shortcut to a .exe that is on the desktop ???
  2. Ok, probably answered somewhere in this thread, but is there any ways to launch the 7D2D Mod Launcher with the Steam UI, normally we can add any games to steam, but since your launcher isn't a .exe, its not possible to do so with it, I rely on the steam UI to get my FPS in game, I don't want any other FPS indicator or programs.
  3. I don't have this issue, are you sure you run latest version, so far I've been there only once, and I could sell him whatever I had on me, hope he won't magically go missing.
  4. Is there a more active forum for players of this mod (excluding discord cause its empty and I don't have time for this), I'm trying to get help with some modifications I want to do, but I got no responses yet, I simply want to remove those insane new zombies that the mod add, I just want the regular basic game zombies and no bosses of any kind for my first adventure with this mod, would also love to have a bigger UI in inventory, I can't see the numbers of the stuff I have, its so tiny (yes I have the BBM, no I won't play without it, looting is too important) it doesn't help that my eyes aren't the best, only 70% of right eye and 30% of my left eye vision and it can't be corrected with surgery since it was done back in 1983 when they removed cataracts from my eyes when I was only 3 yrs old.
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