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  1. I second that if you ever need any art assets for the GUI i will happily produce them for you Damocles have alot of experiance with photoshop and other graphical programs
  2. More fancy flattening would be great some form of height calculation similer to how you do the road logic maybe not sure code wise but it would make a huge dfference and seem more natural on the terrain could then apply the same trick to lake placment.
  3. Now that the road thing is sorted is there anyway to improve on POI stamps so instead of using a circle its abit more natural with the terrain and fits the POI a little closer. as the big round cut outs are a littler unatural.
  4. The mask i created was from my older island my bad i have created a new mask as i do it from the preview with no POIs or roads generated makes making the mask abit easier. so my bad on that one i can now confirm the road masking works very well annoyed with myself i didnt spot that my mask was wrong lol.
  5. Thats would be a great feature thank you most appreciated your doing a great service for the community and lsitening to new ideas is a massive plus thank you.
  6. Ah maybe not for snow then but for the burned forest having biome data already done and being able to import it along with the height and mask would be a handy thing to have. gives more flexability to mappers and a cleaner preview image when done.
  7. Damocles got another little idea is it possable for us custom mappers to have a setting to import our own biome data while doing the generating for example have import_HM.png + Mask.png + Biomes.png this would be a good thing for custom height maps to be able to get the building generation correct as Some POIs only spawn in snow biome so when changing biome data this makes POIs that are not for snow look abit odd if they have none snow trees. in a snow environment.
  8. It's a little.more complex than editing the splat yeah that removes the road texture but wont fill in the water void left by the road generation.
  9. Testedt newest version still have a road going through the mask but not as many as there was before
  10. Ah i did not know that haha would be epic to have that as a GUI setting but thanks for the info that will help greatly
  11. 16Bit heightmap would be super handy as i use world machine and its able to generate some really nice terrain with erosion and other details but they get lost when used to generate a map and just smooth out. is there also a way to adjust water height as in ocean would be handy to be able to set what level the ocean starts rather than having to make the height map darker to compensate to water level
  12. Another little idea Damocles would it be possable for a Mesh import addition via OBJ as a height map as greyscale can lose alot of data in the PNG conversion so some details are lost?
  13. Yeah that much i can see and for that have a great respect for what your accomplishing with this tool i will happily keep giving ideas and bug finding as i continue to use the tool in the future. cannot wait for a full map editor to come out of this if thats the direction your heading power to place POI and edit the terrain in real time would be very handy as there is nothing out there that can fill that need. my dream is to generate a base map using a height map be able for the generator to do the heavy work then go in and manualy move or change POIs and add roads signs paths and so on to give a more detailed world for players to explore.
  14. That will be very handy for me and probably alot of other map makers then if we want bridges and roads we can always do that manually. Road generation is really good but defo has room for improvement as still see alot of building without connecting roads in the wilderness but keep up the good work couldnt do what i do with mapping without this tool.
  15. Still getting roads generating in the ocean this is bad as it cuts through the water making things look well weird to say the least can we possabily have it so that roads are generated through the mask and not generate in areas where there not ment to
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