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  1. In this mod you have to craft the mechanical part and electronic part with tech scrap.forged iron and scrap polymer. Sometime you can find them in loot but its better to craft them.
  2. Is there anyway to make this mod work with the sorcery mod? With apocalypse now and sorcery I get: "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: Index", when I go to the skill menu and I can't navigate throught the skill menu properly after that. It might just be impossible but I don't know.
  3. There seem to be a bug with the wandering trader, whenever he appear I started to get non-stop the errors: FieldAccessException: Field 'EAIApproachAndAttackTarget:entityTarget' is inaccessible from method 'EAIApproachAndAttackSDX:CanExecute ()' If I manage to kill him the errors stop.
  4. You probably need to hit the plant for the perk to apply, pressing e to harvest does not apply the perk. Of course it also need to have finished growing. My favourite things to hit with is the hunting knife or steel knuckle since they hit pretty quickly.
  5. If you don't mind could you attach the progression.xml that allow you to say with confidence that the action skills are in, because the progression.xml I got was last updated(on the download page) 4 days ago and I can't see anything in it that allow me to believe that action skills are there, I also looked at the darkness falls progression.xml and there I could easily see what made the action skill available.(I usually use notepad++ to look at the files) edit: I just looked at the download page commits and it seem like the previous progression.xml(modified also 4 days ago) file did contain all the lines related to action skills, but they got deleted , I don't know why they were deleted but that explain why its not in the newest progression.xml.
  6. Thank you for the anwers, but just to be sure, am I right in thinking the action skills are supposed to be similar to the one in darkness fall with 100-200 level in a specific weapon skill that go up as you use things related to it. If you don't mind, could you tell me which progression.xml show that the action skill are in and write the line i'm supposed to see there. Just to be sure is it enough to extract the "Apo-now-Mod-2-0-main.zip" and put it in my 7 days to die steam installation folders and remove and replace the files when asked for a proper manual install.
  7. Yesterday I tried playing this mod, everything seem to work with 1 exeption, I don't have any action skills, I was playing with the apo 6k small map02(name not perfectly accurrate). I had the new zombie, new items, new recipe, starting kit and I guess everything else beside the action skills. I saw a recent video on youtube where they had 200 level for what would qualify as action skills and that the things that don't show up in my skill list. I can only do manual install since the mod launcher does not work with my windows 7 Does the gitlab.com/hiarythebest96/Apo-now-Mod-2-0/ contain everything your supposed to need to get everything including the action skills or is there an additional mod that get downloaded with mod launcher that not mentioned? Are towns supposed to be very small or was I just unlucky? Is it normal that I get red warning about 6 or 7 POI missing like "the village"(by stallionden)? Does every premade map contained some prefabs of the combopak mod, just curious?
  8. Is there a modlet that give you only the health bar with the zombie name that we have in darkness fall?
  9. Hello I am playing on 18.4 experimenttal on dfmedium2 map and am wondering: - as mining xp(when it come to player level) been removed from the mod? - is it normal that my trader can once again sell high end vehicle part like motorcycle or 4 x 4 parts, I'm curious if that is something that related to the war of the walkers mod I was playing before I decided to re-install darkness-falls.
  10. I hope you find it by looking at your map, the map I was using was medium3 so its not as big as a large map. For the red keycards, I don't actually remember if some zombies can drop it, the first one I got was from looting the burnt biome small bunker that not easy to find(the well alone) and then I found some more while looting the wasteland biome bunker that contain the laser worckbench and fusion forge, so if you could find the burnt biome bunker first it could help, but you can do some of the wasteland bunker even without red keycards and by looting there you might find red keycards. You just can't finish the bunker without red keycards.
  11. The big bunker where you find the laser workbench and fusion forge spawn in the wasteland, for me it was in the wasteland surrounding the middle radiation zone and in my case, I looked for it for like 8 hour looking around in the wasteland but I had actually already discovered it on my map while I was exploring the town close to the radiation zone I just didn't realized it because it was very close to the town I looked around, but it was not in the town. If you already revealed it on your map it should look like 5 brown rectangles in a row next to a bigger brown rectangle, the entrance is right under 1 of the small tent and it follow the rule of being next to a gravel road. You will need a lot of red keycards and some blue and green keycards to go through the bunker, you will be able to find some in the stuffs you can loot, but it might not be enough. There is also an other POI bunker you can find in the burnt forest and its only a lone well on the surface, inside you can find some future tech but there are no laser workbench or fusion forge in there. In my case I found it by looking around the burnt forest area surrounding the middle wasteland biome, its not easy to spot but you can look at you map to see if your map already revealed it if you look carefully.
  12. Thank you for the answer xyth, so there no problem, its was just a video I happen to watch and started to wonder if someone had tried to make a commercial product from the mod content. Now i'm going to remove the link in case people don't know or didn't read your answer and try to attack the dev. Once Alpha 17 version of starvation come out in a few month(just a guess 2 to 4 month) i'll be sure to play starvation again, I really like the browning m2, could be nice to move around with it with the exosuit and hopefully there won't be dissapearring belt items bugs with it(this was a bug in my alpha 15 playthrough I didn't reach the browning m2 in alpha 16 so it probably not there anymore).
  13. I didn't use a link since I wasn't sure what the rule is about link were, we see some of the zombie boss in here: edit: I removed the link in case someone don't read xyth answer we can see "wall crusher"zombie, the cop zombie at the very end of the video and some other I don't remember the name and it is a commercial product which is why I was wondering about where those zombie models came from. It might not be the best video to see those zombie, but we can see some of them with slight texture modification with colors. if they were bought or free then there probably no problem, it was just in case they were handmade by member of the starvation team that I decided to bring it up.
  14. I just saw a new video from jim sterling about a bad looking game and I was curious to know if the big zombie boss you have in starvation mod were made by the starvation team or just bought from the unity store, since we can see most of them in that video, if its just unity bought stuff then there probably no problem since they probably bought them too, but if they were made by the starvation team it could be important.
  15. I'm pretty sure when one of the dev said that he didn't mean that we on the map would be 0,0 and every coordinate would be based on that, that just the way he tried to explain the change. Its mentioned in the developer Diary: Alpha 17 on the first page In the section "A17 Changes and Fixes List:" What I said is related to where it say - "Added Dynamic Origin Point to prevent the shakes when far away from actual (0,0). 2/11/18". I don't know a huge amount about programming, but my interpretation of that change was that it would help with the stutter from the rad zones since its far away from 0,0 . there was a post from a dev somewhere in the topic but its somewhere in the last 300 page a least, so it might be a bit difficult to find, because i'm bad at using the search fonction I tend to always fail to find what I want. There is also the statement: - Micro-stuttering caused by UFPS camera and garbage collection has been fixed 4/24/18 that will probably also help with the stutter.
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