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  1. Huh. Well if that is there then it may be more of a visibility issue, like having the infection rate flash bright green when you are infected or the infection rate goes up from being hit. Although it's still rare that infection rate out climbs health damage.
  2. Really? I looked at the wikis before posting but there is very limited info on infection, and honestly not sure if the information there was even up to date. Do you have a source for this?
  3. He's right though, infection isn't really an issue. You either die before you reach 100%, intentional or not, or you use medicine from your stockpile of supplies. I had thought a bit about this, there a couple ways to handle this: make medicine harder to come by add some extra penalty for dying while infected beyond a certain limit increased xp penalty spawn infected, with rate reset have zombies hits have chance raise infection rate if already infected more reasons to use medicines more dangerous early infection 1 is abou
  4. Can we have a thrown spear be replaced with a another from your inventory, it is really inconvenient to have multiple spears in my toolbar, just so I don't have to battle the UI and the zombies at the same time
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