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  1. edit: fixed? tests in progress
  2. Hey stallionsden, many thanks for the reply and explanation, I'm at the same time glad I'm not the only one and pissed that its happening! I'll make sure to try out the suggested "quickfix" method.
  3. Am I the only one with broken backpacks since 18.2? For some reason I cannot fully transfer items to my inventory using "R" , or shift-clicking items. Game seems to consider my inventory is 35 slots I tried removing ALL mods and keeping only modded backpack to see if it was because of conflicts, but no.
  4. Might be time to go open source / github with all the traction the project has been gaining lately. The community could contribute to many aspects of it
  5. Would this be to much of a pain to implement? irregular/random: * sizes for: city, town, oldtowns?, custom settlements * road conditions - - - Updated - - - you have to copy all files, not the folder itself, of combopack prefab folder into 7dtd prefab folder
  6. stop teasing us cant wait to try this out !!!
  7. Thank you! Meanwhile, I hacked and slashed a quick fix: edited windows.xml <stallionsden> <!-- update the overall backpack size --> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/@width">1403</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/@height">816</set> <!-- increase the panel size --> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/@height">703</set> <!-- adjust the rows, heights, and their cell equivalent --> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='win
  8. I tried removing the Combine mod to see if any influence, no dice. I also tried removing all others mods, also no fix. Weirdly, the "tools" inventory for campire is visible, but not really where it should be:
  9. Hello Stallionden, Thank you again for your amazing collection of mods. Also, great work on improving the speed of the extended backpacks!! I have a small issue with 375 slots backpack. (I'm also using SMXhud) I cannot use campires, forges, cement mixer, workbench or chemistry bench, as the input window is outside my "clickable zone". I've tried changing game resolution but it did not help. Then I tried understanding windows.xml files: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?59319-TUT-GUI-s-and-You-Elements-Design-Positioning-Building-Implementation https://7dayst
  10. not sure if intentional on your part, but in 630 slot backpack modlet, you have the following block of code: progression.xml
  11. Hello Damocles, Allow me to thank you for this amazing tool! Really a joy to play with and greatly enhances the game, I'm in love and spend way to much time playing around with it. It seems that the config.txt file is only read at start of the program, would it be possible to have it reload on each generation so that you don't have to restart it to test new "back scene" variables? Cheers and thank you!
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