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  1. Well this isn't very promising... lol Is it maybe an entity that requires editing through DMT? How about if someone wants to edit the supply plane, is that simply a unity3d prefab? Also unable to locate anything in xml except for the sound file that is used. HALP!
  2. I'm working on a few additions for my friends and I on a private server I run. I've gone through Asset Studio to no avail but was wondering where I might find the junk turret mesh and files. I've located the animation clips along with the 4 part reload but no model or mesh? If that's a no go do we know the hierarchy so that I may build a new turret in unity or would making a block type turret with the ability for pickup be a wiser option? Oh and are there any recommendations for server tools to help performance? Thanks y'all!
  3. Hello all! Wanted to query y'all for hopefully an answer. I have an AR15 I've implemented however I would like do something along the lines of removing the rear sight when a scope is attached. In the Unity prefab I do have the sight as an independent asset... so something along the lines of IF ... 'modGunReflexSight' Then Remove RearSight... Thoughts? Thanks
  4. Awesome! Thank you! I already have a couple of yours installed and you have helped so much already. Truly appreciated. Time to double down on Unity and xpath it seems so great reference points for me to look into on those fronts!
  5. I am curious, for my own growth, how some of the creators of the modlets learned their craft. I feel like I might not be the only one in this boat and am attempting to bring some brilliant minds together. Apologies if this is the incorrect section however I wasn't sure where something like this would fit. 1) First modlet you were proud of? 2) How did you learn Unity, Blender, XML, etc... ? 3) Any resources that could assist in teaching items in #2. 4) Commonly asked questions from the forum that you would like to put in here for a more indexed search? 5) Anything... No seriously if you have anything else please share! I'd like to wrap this up by saying thank you TFP and thank you to those who create the modlets we are all enjoying! Thanks, Madakushka
  6. Ha! I found your video on another post shortly after my previous post. Definitely will be using this later as you've already taught me where I messed up in my XML. Thank you kindly sir! I will also be going through some of your other tutorials for reference/knowledge.
  7. Just a thought, as I haven't tested it and am also attempting to add custom sound files myself, but take a look @ the items.xml/item_modifiers.xml for the ak47 and copy/pasta the sound loop node for the silencer. I believe this would work however my issue right now is getting the sound file from unity into the game for an ArmaLite15 model reload I've added. After work today I'll continue troubleshooting and see if I can accomplish this then report back.
  8. Disregard! Found that I had missed the dang silencer loop XML entirely in modifiers.xml - Time for bed... maybe
  9. Been troubleshooting for the past due with no luck. Was able to use some pretty helpful guides floating about on the forum to get a new weapon loaded into SP however when attaching a silencer and going full auto the 1st shot is silenced but the rest of the mag is not... Any ideas where I might find the XML for this? I checked Items.xml and its modifier file but no avail. Imported free AR15 from Unity. XML with Xpath is good to go, everything checks out no NRE. Model looks like (scaling issues). Just can't seem to find out why the silencer loop is a no go. The AR is mirrored after the ak47. Help? Oh also running on experimental A18.
  10. Odd question that I wasn't able to locate via forum search. Is it possible to run a dedicated server in editor mode? I noticed the server config file has a gamemode section however outside of creative and survival I didn't see an option. My brother and I enjoy creating prefabs however with different working hours he's only to work on the prefab while I am online. Thanks ya'll.
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