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  1. can you please update the mega backpack for 18.4?
  2. hei28ssk

    NPCs DMT Mod

    18.1 I think
  3. any chance the doors mod gets updated
  4. hei28ssk

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Hooking console commands Running CreateModDll Compiling Mods.dll... Built in 3991ms d:\7.Days.to.Die.Alpha.18\mods\0-SphereIICore\Scripts\Quests\QuestActionPlaySound.cs(18,13): error CS1501: No overload for 'PlayOneShot' method takes arguments 2 d:\7.Days.to.Die.Alpha.18\mods\0-SphereIICore\Scripts\MinEvents\MinEventActionCreateItemSDX.cs(18,215): error CS1061: 'EntityPlayerLocal' does not contain a definition for 'HighestPartyGameStage' and no extension method 'HighestPartyGameStage' that accepts a first argument of type 'EntityPlayerLocal' was found (is a using directive or an assembly reference missing? ) Failed to compile Mods.dll Build failed process exited with error code -1
  5. hei28ssk

    NPCs DMT Mod

    couldn't build becauseof issues with the 0-SphereIICore mod
  6. hei28ssk

    bdubyah's modlets

    yep the vehicles have been updated
  7. hei28ssk

    NPCs DMT Mod

    that would very helpful
  8. hei28ssk

    NPCs DMT Mod

    this might sound dumb but is there a video tutorial on how to install this mod using mod launcher
  9. do the doors modlet work? also why the vehicle modlet throwing game killing errors
  10. I figured but weirdly enough there's no such file in my game folder
  11. holy molly this actually worked thanks a bunch
  12. no they work fine I just can't refuel any of them
  13. can't find that file anyway the console says the following ERR XML loader : loading and parsing 'items.xml' failed Exception: Attribute 'material' 'MMachineGunParts' refers to not existing material in item 'HD M4A1 Carbine' ERR XML loader : loading and parsing 'recipes.xml' failed Exception: no item/block with name 'HD M4A1 Carbine' existing
  14. here's the thing i also have the battery and the ammo modlets and they work like charm only the carbine one refuses to load the model the perk is there but the item itself refuses to load ps; the forum reduces the pic size for reasons I ignore
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