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  1. ATLA5

    More Vanilla Food

    Updated to version 2.1: Thanks for the feedback. I have removed all bugs I know of and changed the way a few items work - Iced Tea / Coffee now gives +30 Heat resist instead of cold resist - Berry tea now gives +6 Hp
  2. ATLA5

    More Vanilla Food

    There is a 4% food poison chance on most of the food and 0% on all the drinks
  3. ATLA5

    More Vanilla Food

    It's a bit of a long story. My account was deleted for seemingly no reason, so after talking to the mods about this - they suggested I recreate the post. For whatever reason my old account has been reverted to guest, which means I cannot edit that thread anymore. I have no clue why this happened, I swear I'm not trying to spam the forums - I'm not that type of person.
  4. ATLA5

    More Vanilla Food

    Oops, must have missed that. Thank you!
  5. ATLA5

    More Vanilla Food

    More Vanilla Food [A18] This is a simple modlet that adds more vanilla friendly food and drink, this mod is still a WIP - although this only means that I plan on adding more as time goes on. As of now it contains 27 new food items and 8 new drinks, each with their own schematics. The intention of this mod is to expand on the food and water system of the base game, without the potential hassle of new crops, meat types, etc. Version 1 Sprites Showcase Version 2 Sprites Showcase __________________________________________ Drinks Berry Tea Iced Mixed Tea Iced Coffee Vodka - +20% Bar
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