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  1. Thanks for the answer. Using the spear already, it really makes little difference as they close the distance gap allotted by the spear instantaneously. Guess I will just wait for the community to address this with a mod.
  2. Cool. So your answer is you don't know. I'm sure there are other people who know the game better than you who are better equipped to answer the question. I'm not sure why you bothered replying to someone asking a question if you didn't know the answer. *************************************** (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) this is indeed a new mechanic and thus far seems to be a well accepted change to our game. no, there is no setting to disabled this currently. as a suggestion only... try our spear, or use what ever type of range weapon you like in order to put distance between you and the zed.. once you get used to this, they are easy to avoid or anticipate... its all about your timing. thanks and enjoy ***************************************
  3. That's your opinion. My question stands.
  4. Is there a setting I can edit to disable the obnoxious zombies running every few times they take damage?
  5. You mean in a game where you start off with nothing and have to scrounge, scrap, scavenge, and craft everything you have... some people see reaching a point of self-sustainability and surviving safely as a goal? Heavens to Betsy... Why would anyone ever think that surviving is the goal in a survival game?
  6. I'm curious to know where you got these figures from. From the looks of it a lot of people in this neighborhood would agree that those figures seem absurdly off-base. Are these just estimates based off your own play style, or are you drawing this information from some sort of source?
  7. I can't imagine I am the only person who has taken a check back once a week, see no updates, back to other game approach. In the event of the few smaller updates since A17 I am just reading the patch notes to see if the problems have been addresses, seeing they're not addressed, and again headed back to something else in the interim. Unfortunately optimism that things would get fixed is gone on this end (1/4th a year later now) but hope that they will get fixed someday still remains.
  8. This is probably the only good news I have read since the launch of A17e. I have a feeling addressing this will also have a (albeit minor) positive impact on some of the various other general complaints I am reading about in regards to this release.
  9. There's a 50/50 chance that these are pretty good casino odds.
  10. Almost positive the madmoleman said there will be a boss that drops worthwhile loot on horde night in the recent video.
  11. Of course there is going to be charisma. It's the hidden attribute that will affect all player interactions and complaints over any changes to the game. When something goes wrong in the game, if one doesn't like it and people react negatively to their open complaints... it's because their charisma stat is too low. I see people on here all the time with low charisma having issues with the game mechanics.
  12. It's all a matter of perspective. The behemoth only seemed gigantic because he was in the foreground. In reality the behemoth is truly a healthy 4'11". The nickname "behemoth" is simply a carry over from his college days.
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