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  1. Big city? lol, I usually have it max at 18x18, now THATS a lot of lots!! So HERES some bits to help fill the spaces, theres 10 in there, for the most they are just combined red/tan brick shops into rows, 2 for each, 1 without anything in the yard and 1 with either fenced yards or garages plus 2 garage blocks, note I've just copied the basics for the xml's without maxper so if you want to add that, and I think I saw someone (possibly even you) mention that the spawn stuff in there is no longer used so if you want to scrape that out as well. @LT. tbh I don't think the zoning actually does anything, at least not in the cities, for testing I've just been copy/pasting the same xml all set to residential and the entire east side of the city is guarenteed to be full of what I'm looking for. I think whats needed is to have the zoning built along the lines of the ore clusters, ie, increased liklyhood of the same zone/block generating next to another untill it switches, say, residential to commercial then clustering commercials until it switches again. Also needs an industrial zone to even things out. This way the city should build in clusters of residential, commercial and industrial zones, each zone covering around 4-5 blocks.
  2. Yeah, I see what you mean about using the lots as filler but I think the main problem is the way the randomizer lays out the city, it seems to fill from south west to north west then repeat meaning the west of a city is always filled with the 1-per-hub buildings and the east is filled with the multi-per-hub stuff, so for a 6x6 city (vanilla max) you end up with a city like this¬ What we need is more types to use a fillers so removing the max-per on the others doesn't end up with loads of shotgun messiah's all over the shop.
  3. Just had it as well as soon as I spawned in to a new game, thread exeption generate_chunk or whatever, empty string is invalid.
  4. @Bullrott, invalid attachment. So, quick flight over a few cities to check things out, here's how things went. First had to change my new ones to maxperhub=1 as pretty much nothing but those spawned, then had to do the same to the vacant lots, lots & lots of vacant lots! lol First water plant I came across colapsed immediatly, possibly 'cos I was sprint-flying and the game didn't have enough time/processing power to build it and everything else in that chunk, second one found stayed up so will have to check in a real game at foot speeds to verify. Other than that they all seemed to spawn fine! It should be noted though that this is built for a vanilla city, and even then there are only enough prefabs for 20 city blocks (if you add the maxper to the lots), so the city has to be no larger than 5x4 (or 4x5) blocks max (vanilla is 6x6 I think so you'll end up with some blocks having no buildings at all). If, like me, you have your city modded to be larger you're going to have to go through the xml's by hand and remove the maxperhub from those you want to see spawn multiple times, probably the appartment blocks and other abodes most likely. And, just for me, I don't suppose you know off hand which prefabs use the smoke blocks Mag? For my intact city it's waaaay too thick.
  5. Nice! Will have a look now! Got a few more blocks, just deciding what clutter to put out back for diversity, yards, garages etc. will let you know when I'm done with these and send them over before moving on, tenament blocks next I think!-) ps to all, when you click the download button it may ask you to make a new dropbox account, just hit the X to close it and click download again to grab it without the need for an account.
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