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  1. I wanted to say thank you it worked, thank you and have a nice day
  2. Hello, I am currently looking to make a more challenging experience in my single player game. And one of the ways I would like to do this it's to stop the negative Buffs that my player had when he died from disappearing after coming back. I have tried editing the config files but I don't really know what I'm doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hello, as the title suggest i am looking for a mod to change how god mod works so that it will only stop the player form drying and not stop negative buffs like broken bones or weather survival, i have tried to edit the config file by putting things behind a comment, but as it is not my area of expertise, i have not been successful, any help would be appreciated , thank you
  4. Hello i have an issue with my game and i do not know what is causing it. my charter is never affected by weather buffs regardless of where i am, and according to the game statistics, the temperature always feels like 21.11C even in the mountain biome with nothing on, any help would be appreciated. thank you
  5. Hello, i am currently in the prefab editor and i am having trouble putting trees closer together, what setting can I change in the config folder? specifically for the small oak tree? Thank you
  6. Hello sort of a Noob question but I've never thought of it. If my player fortifies a building in a town as a makeshift base. And then leaves the region a while, is there any reason apart from Quest got the building would reset ie containers and blocks resetting? And if so is there any way to disable this? Thank you
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