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  1. Quick question. Is this going to screw with the other players if I put this on my server? I'm the only one that can use it.
  2. Has the mod been updated to 7.1.5? I was updating my server and thats what it went to?
  3. Is there a way to turn up the wondering zombies? I added Jax's modlet and it didnt seem to play nice with your's
  4. I added modlet to mods folder and when server rebooted it reset the players back to square one.
  5. MadGenius

    Gnamod UI

    I will try it on my server and let you know. I really like everything about it and it would be something everyone else would like of it works server side.
  6. MadGenius

    Gnamod UI

    Is this server side only I'm hoping?
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