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  1. Killin' time, waitin' for The Pimps to drop A17 and another lotta' pimps - Game Society, "remastered" their entire Season 1 of 7DTD into a single, almost 8hr clip lol. Ah, the memories of what appears to be....A...7?! This shall keep me distracted for...well, at least 7hrs.
  2. Haha, oh yup - was the main reason for starting, being down there with the bike - just on the wrong side of the river. Didn't expect it to take as long as it has. Looking forward to similar adventures in A17 with the relocation (I think) of some cities.
  3. How coincidental - I'm 3/4's of the way through doing the same thing!. Completely lost track of time and was stuck out at Motel Eight for horde night completely unprepared.
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    I assume this is as good'a place as any to throw this - thought it was awesome. Been following the Neebs Gaming crew for ages, loving their theatrical cuts of their 7 days series, and they dropped this, this morning: Enjoy edit: Seems to be spreading like wildfire which is great. Joel's even got it on his twitter
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