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  1. thank you both for your nice words! Hopefully soon i'll get around to making another one (very soon I hope) as was enjoyable!
  2. My first vehicle for 7 days to die hope everyone enjoys it xD pickup.zip
  3. Gas station prefab (inspiration from a local petrol station to me) Took more time on this one than my previous uploaded prefab, so hopefully you guys enjoy it Prefab.zip
  4. thankyou for your feedback, and also see what you mean now looking at it with fresh eyes :')
  5. perfect and sure is yeah, i'll hop back into this shortly and fixes some stuff up you found and re-upload
  6. Plenty of Z's in there to keep someone happy with multiple sleeper zones, and got to agree there, will get that sorted in the morning
  7. Hello, So here we have a nice little prefab as a filler to make areas look a little more.... varied, Fairly challenging and hidden surprises, what's not to love All feedback welcome, would love to be able to make it better with feedback forthouseone.zip
  8. if you want some help, either add me on steam 128579774 or discord creator#1366 I would love to work with you in getting some prefabs done
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