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  1. 1 hour ago, VALT13L said:

    10 AM October 30th... due date for the mod.


    *attempts to practice patience..... by checking the forum post every half hour*
    *is reeing internally*

    hahaha I know exactly what you mean im sitting here waiting since 6 AM lul
    Well he didn't give a specific time and I dont know which timezone he lives in so we'll just have to be patient ;)

  2. Confused.


    I'd like to experience the new "CompoPack 43" on a new Nitrogen map.


    - Copied the new prefabs to my 7DaysToDie folder

    - Replaced the "rwgmixer" file … per "Farket" YouTube tutorial

    - Found and Replaced the "configUI" and "prefablist" in the Nitrogen "resources" folder


    Run Nitrogen:

    … but in the Advanced section in the top right-hand corner … the "Prefab list" still only offers "Vanilla" / "CompoPack 42" / "Custom"


    If I click on "CompoPack 42" … will I actually get "CompoPack 43" content?




    open your configPrefablist.txt in the resources folder and add a line with your compopack 43 prefablist for it to show up as an option in Nitrogen

  3. Hello


    The NitroGen for Alpha 18 v0.474 version is excellent, but I have a big problem.


    you have to remove the xcostum_Canyon_Cave (by_War3zuk) buildings from CompoPack 42 because I installed an 8 k map with CompoPack 42 on my server (18.2 ) and the buildings (yes there are several times the same on the map) very strong bug.


    The building xcostum_Canyon_Cave (by_War3zuk) descends so deep that the bottom of the building arrives under the map so in the void.


    Simple Fix:

    - open the compopack prefablist with a text editor

    - search for xcostum_Canyon_Cave(by_War3zuk)

    - and change the line from









    problem solved now it will spawn at higher altiture so the depth is not a problem

  4. Hello.


    Which Version of 7DaysToDie do Nitrogen support? Iv'e created 3-4 12k maps but every one of them has been without cities or towns or structures overall. Isn't 18.2 supported?




    Edit: Even in the Preview in the GeneratedWords map i can see the towns and cities etc but when i jump in game or check in the ingame editor the structures isnt there BUT the road network is there.


    Do you use the Compopack Prefablist? If yes do you have the compopack prefabs installed?

  5. Here is the last complete custom one we played on, was a lot of work but everyone really enjoyed the totally different landscape with a large city in the center of the crater in a charred forest biome.


    Mixed biomes made it really interesting and never boring with nice smooth biome transitions.


    I did however take several (not all) of the HDHQ biome modlets and modified them quite a lot to taste to get a truly unique look (unfortunately the pic doesn't do it justice)



    Looks indeed amazing!


    And yeah i noticed that Nitrogen doesnt take the mask too seriously sometimes


    Custom Biome that im working on how do you think it looks so far?



    I'm tempted to make a handmade map but I have no clue about doing custom heightmaps and stuff ... ;)

  6. I'm not 100% sure but just copy the prefabs.xml from your current one and replace it with the new generated one coz the prefabs.xml has all the POIs + their Positions in them.


    Btw any chance your sharing the map when its done wanted to do a few SP runs for ravenharst since its out for A18 now and I really like your map ;)



    Also after you generate a new one maybe you should also take your old splat3.png and manually remove the roads or whatever you have in the water connecting the islands coz if you have the same POIs you want the same roads except the ones in the water right? Dont forget to run it through your Splatfixer tool aswell.


    Edit2: Not 100% sure it will work though coz during the generation nitogen plays with the terrain to place the pois and that might become an issue you have to test it out

  7. The X,Y,Z value should be seeable in the upper right hand corner of the prefab editor when you have the escape key active. Its the first row of numbers right next to the prefab load options.


    Thanks that helps alot ;)


    How is your Walking Dead Prison doing Lazman? IIRC it was still missing sleepers etc? there are quite some interesting prefabs being made by the community ;)

  8. Anyone know what values im supposed to use for this POI in a Nitrogen Prefablist?




    the [ face north, y-offset, x, y, z ] values how do I define these? (the above a copied from another POI)



    Got Face north = 2 & y offset = -7 from the Prefabs xml but the x y z values I still dont know how to figure these out

  9. I want to add a POI to my prefablist for citycenter


    wanted some explaination about these values




    I know what they are ( face north, y-offset, x,y,z ) for but how do I determine which values to put in for these?

  10. I love you ♥


    Now I just need TFP to give the game higher resolution vanilla textures (Photogrammetry / Megascans would be dope) and I'm in heaven ;)


    Also would love to see some of the bigger prefab / map projects to be continued

  11. Seeing the cool maps some people manage to make with this which are like 100 times more interesting than what I can get out of this tool makes me thinking if someone would like to make a Thread where people could upload some of their creations? Or does one exist already maybe?


    Wish I was able to make better maps but with custom heightmaps I hit a wall ... doing biomes & masks kinda works out but then again im not really creative so...

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