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  1. Haven't had a chance to play yet. Has the vehicle teleporting fix made it into A20.1 B5? I thought the line "Origin shift could cause objects to fall through world" might be that fix
  2. Don't know what half of that means but keep up the good work 😝
  3. I really enjoy the new RWG but I feel like the stuff outside of downtown is too tightly packed together. You have situations where farms are right up against blocks of industrial buildings. Really feel like the farms need to be spaced further away from the center of towns/cities, same for the residential stuff. There needs to be a buffer between those areas/zones whatever you call them
  4. It does speed up the healing. Pretty sure Steroids also negate the effects so you can jump/sprint etc without making it worse
  5. Yeah I noticed that with the Restore Power quests. There seems to be some sort of exclusion happening with the quests too. When I got to the Tier 5s (this is after completing them with a different trader) I noticed as I started completing POIs the list started reducing, so even if I went into DM and reset the quests it only gave a couple of quest options. Think I'm left with 2 now after T5 completion the second time, though I didn't get the tier reward for whatever reason. So I don't know if some of that is just down to me already running through all 5 tiers with another trader. I hope not as my plan is on my current playthrough is to complete T1 to T5 with different traders in each biome
  6. Just wait til you hit Tier 5 and the quests are all 3 to 5km away
  7. Good to hear the stability fix is coming along. Do you know if any progress has been made on the teleporting/disappearing vehicles issue? Had my furthest teleport today when I started my game. My bike was almost 700m away from where I left it when I quit previously
  8. I was able to retrieve it no problem, is was inside the POI. It's just a recurring issue with A20 with I think every vehicle at this stage? It was the first time it teleported to somewhere indoors
  9. In today's episode of "Where has my gyrocopter been teleported to when I start the game?"
  10. Don't have much to suggest in a way of fix, just wanted to add that I have experienced this (was suggested to me that maybe it's a frame drop that's quick enough to not register on the FPS counter) and I've also seen a couple of streamers/content creators run into it as well. Haven't found a way to recreate it either, it's not like certain POIs or certain numbers of zombies cause it
  11. I get it occasionally in singleplayer so not a server issue
  12. I've seen what Aero posted above as well. Driving down the street of a city and there's a random phantom wall in the middle of the street that you can just drive through
  13. Please fix the teleporting vehicle issue soon. Logged in and my minibike was in one of the traders, finish a quest and it's 100m away in the desert. I've had to retrieve my bicycle from under the world multiple times. It's so frustrating
  14. At the end of the day I should have been less of an @%$# towards TFP in my response to that user. I did follow the right avenues between the bug report and asking Khaine about any known issues and then subsequently reinstalling everything which seems to have done the trick for the time being. The lockable inventory slots are a QOL enhancement I just can't play the game without anymore
  15. The impression I got from the response to my bug was "You're using a mod, we're not going to look at this" rather than "it looks like this issue is caused by the mod" which is why I considered the response being fobbed off by QA, I have since done a fresh install of both 7D2D and the modlet and didn't run into the issue in a couple of long sessions. So maybe it was the mod? But if someone else got a similar situation without mods would suggest something else went wrong.
  16. I reported a bug for it too but because I was using that mod they basically told me to go **** myself. Kinda figured it wasn't the mod's fault though
  17. Do you use Khaine's Lockable Inventory slot mod by any chance?
  18. Is the Demo the only "boss" zombie in the game? As in, the only one that can drop a Red loot bag?
  19. Has something been changed recently to enable extra lines of dialogue for the traders? I feel like I've heard a few new/rare lines recently including Rekt threatening to shoot me at one point
  20. Anyone else run into an issue using the Lockable Inventory modlet resulting in you not being able to click/move anything in the inventory/recipes menu and not being able to use the Esc key to exit the inventory menu? I thought it was a vanilla bug and reported it but they just said it was an issue with the mod
  21. Now that I check, it was only 425kb so yeah must be just a Steam thing. Also, no A21 this year? I am outraged 😆
  22. It's still build 238 so I'm guessing it was either just Twitch Integration update or maybe just a Steam thing
  23. Yup, I have lost a horde base to this glitch. Super annoying
  24. On an unrelated note to what's currently being discussed in this thread... One thing I'm loving in A20 is that some POIs have zombies in them that aren't included in the Clear quests which can lead to some nice surprises/panic moments when you think you've killed all the zombies because the clear quest is complete. Can't remember all the ones I've run into so far but one of the farms has a hidden lumberjack, one of the factories has some surprise vultures and some other POI has a couple of Lois zombies (I forget her real name, I think she's Marlene or Darlene).
  25. Anyone else running into an issue with the latest build of getting stuck in the skills menu/inventory? As in the menus show up but you can't click anything. Sometimes opening a different menu will fix it
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