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  1. Hi Damocles, great work on the sliders feature. That said, I'm encountering an issue that I haven't seen since 467; sometimes a world gen will fail and all that'll be generated is biomes.png, genHM.png, radiation.png, and main.ttw; a preview subfolder is generated but is empty. I've been trying to debug and pinpoint what setting or combination of settings causes this, but so far it's been inconsistent. I'll attach the last config I tried. I've replaced my prefabslist with a compopack 40 one, but that doesn't seem to be the issue as with default settings worldgen works fine. Good luck. Edit: finally found it! Seems to be related to the "no POIs in biome" setting. That seems to break it in conjunction with some other settings, unsure which precisely.
  2. Thank you so much! Now I think all I'd like is, as others have requested, better granularity in biome selection; the option to have traditional wide swaths of wasteland generate, per-biome checkbox (for instance, excluding biomes instead of using the 'only X' option), option to generate biomes not based on heightmaps (so we can have relatively flat, hilly terrain but with variety of biomes), and so on.
  3. Great program, keep up the good work! Say, any chance of getting a "Save/load config" functionality, perhaps with an option to allow remembering last set configurations?
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