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  1. As others have said, M107 .50 cal is the obvious choice. Could also do something like the AWP if you wanted to be trite, but it probably shouldn't be bolt-action. Even being magazine-fed, going from semi-auto to bolt action would feel like a downgrade, I'd wager. And yeah, the M107 has APHE rounds that explode on impact, as well as the typical ball ammo. Technically their fuse isn't sensitive enough to explode on humanoid targets (without hitting body armor), but realism shmealism, right?
  2. There's a mod for this, see: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127758-Backpack-Buttons-A18!-(Stash-All-Stash-Stack-Stash-Stack-Smart) That said, I would love to see it integrate to the base game because it's so obviously wonderful. It was good for Terraria and it'd be good for this. Say, madmole, what IS your policy on integrating mods into the base game? I've never been clear on how devs feel about implementing things mods already do. Are there any legal concerns?
  3. Fascinating. I look forward to what you'll come up with. Considering the brilliance of the A18 skill rework, I have faith whatever you come up with will be well-designed. I think we're reaching the point where there's a ton of choices as to how a build can go, instead of just the 5 separate builds. Though admittedly, the int weapons still need some work; I don't think anyone does an int build that actually uses stun batons and junk turrets (besides how useful junk turrets are for base defense, obviously, but a non-int build can make use of that.) I can't say I'd want to see glory k
  4. Relieved to hear this. I was hoping to get stackable javelins in addition to melee-oriented spears, but I suppose this would help if we aren't getting those. Been meaning to post a suggestion related to this; a chain/rope mod would be lovely. Could even add a legendary steel spear; a harpoon that came with the chain/rope mod integrated, but dealt less melee damage as a tradeoff. I'm curious about "perk reduction" for non-combat perks; are you going to make the first rank of these start at 2 or 3 of an attribute? There are a lot of skills that are universally useful, and thus
  5. Perhaps weapons should have a "Repairs left" stat. Brown and orange weapons have only 5-10, but getting past that gets up to 50 or just infinite. Could make it "Breaks left", so that you can keep a brown gun going as long as you keep it well maintained, but this will cost more repair kits.
  6. Haha, definitely fair enough! The game's already so atmospheric that the unimmersive bits aren't enough to bother me. Maybe their concern was single-biome worlds. I know you probably aren't supporting that kind of playstyle, but some sort of sandstone material that doesn't require clay (or requires much less) could be nice. That said, I do enjoy that on a desert-heavy/only map, clay suddenly becomes super valuable, to the point where you pick up every potted plant and dig up every PoI garden you find. It mutates the gameplay in a fundamental way and I relish when games allow for
  7. Doesn't this game have an AKS? That has a folding stock, and so would prob fit.
  8. I'd like it if the LOD for plies could be extended on the lowest settings. At least 10m should take care of most indoor areas and hopefully wouldn't break the bank on budget. Doesn't this kinda lend credence to the argument that food in general is just too common and easy to get? If you're not going to add spoilage (which I'd love to see), perhaps food could use tuning even with 80% baseline abundance. Maybe traders and vending machines ought to be dictated by loot multiplier as well. Trader rewards tend to be where I skip progression a lot, so I'd like to see that addressed.
  9. You can just use NitroGen to spawn a world without traders.
  10. Hi Damocles, great work on the sliders feature. That said, I'm encountering an issue that I haven't seen since 467; sometimes a world gen will fail and all that'll be generated is biomes.png, genHM.png, radiation.png, and main.ttw; a preview subfolder is generated but is empty. I've been trying to debug and pinpoint what setting or combination of settings causes this, but so far it's been inconsistent. I'll attach the last config I tried. I've replaced my prefabslist with a compopack 40 one, but that doesn't seem to be the issue as with default settings worldgen works fine. Good luck.
  11. I'm disappointed to report that the issue persists after switching to A18.2 b2. Since the PoI is near my home base, and even biking into a tree root on the PoI (which would destroy it) crashes the game, I'm going to have to start a new save. I'll use the latest version of nitrogen and start a new map, and will report if the crash persists.
  12. This is an admirable goal, but there's still the problem of introducing obnoxious spreadsheet comparison gameplay, necessitating we strip off all our mods to see if the new item is better or worse. However, I have a solution. Two in fact. 1) You've played ARPGs or even games like Terraria where items have prefixes and suffixes, right? How about instead of randomized stats, we have prefixes and suffixes that can be good or bad? A "heavy" prefix that increases damage, but decreases speed, "light" that does opposite, "shoddy" that just decreases efficacy, etc.. 2) Display two numbers in
  13. Hi, I don't know if this is the same crash as Neph experienced, but I've found a similar crash on the giant castle PoI. A shame because it's a lovely and professional looking PoI (just from seeing it, haven't been inside yet) but crashes like these jeopardize the integrity of the whole pack. Hopefully this can be addressed; maybe it has to do with the surrounding biome being desert, and the PoI looking like it's made for forest. Hopefully you can tell which tree it is from the screenshot. I'm on a18.1 B8, with compopack 40. Edit: even the blueberry plants are cursed! That whole PoI h
  14. To use the diablo/path of exile comparison, there are low-level legendaries as well, so this does make sense. And if the downsides are stark enough, they shouldn't be the kind of legendary that nullifies any hope of challenge until it's obsolete.
  15. Frankly, one of the first things I sought after upon A18 was a mod that restored the old exponent. For some reason I can't stand the extreme jumps in XP requirements. Maybe I'm weird in that I'd rather have 100% XP on A17 than 300% xp on A18; I like the steadier pace of levels, and the increase in gamestage just means the challenge keeps ramping up, while I'm allowed to spend extra skill points into other attributes to diversify my build. Which is fun. I like being able to justify using off-stat weapons. But then, I also always play with 50% loot multiplier, so the game is slowed down i
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