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  1. I didn't exactly... release it. I was going to, but then I got carried away working on another mod, a much more ambitious undertaking (basically a replacement for the entire character progression system) and, well... I burned out trying to playtest it. Couldn't even look at 7D2D for a long time.
  2. I had a nice little mod for A18 and I was wondering whether people would be interested in playing with it in A19. Here's the general idea: this mod simulates night vision adaptation. Staying in a dark area slowly increases the brightness until the game looks like a moonlit night (you can see general shape of things around you, but no details). Staying in a well-lit area or using your own light sources rapidly decreases the brightness. Going from a well-lit area to a dark area effectively blinds you until your eyes adapt, which can take quite some time. I'll probably get around to porting it to A19, eventually. In the meantime... any interest?
  3. That's not going to help. It will only delay the inevitable. Traders scale really, really well with your character's power via Barter, Daring Adventurer and quest tier progression. Eventually you will reach a point where most activities in the game pale in comparison to chaining high-level quests; they are just that good. I really like the idea of actively building up your own trader's power. At the very minimum it will make trader power growth much smoother. Hm... now that's an interesting idea for a mod.
  4. (Trying to fish for ideas here...) Charismatic Nature is not a very useful perk. If you could replace it with a different effect, what would that be?
  5. Wow. I know it's a bug, but it sounds awesome in a sick kind of way!
  6. Specifically, replace the Action1 block in the wrench definition. It's currently DynamicMelee, it should be Repair if you want to use it as a repair tool.
  7. In the meantime, you might want to give Nitrogen a try. I've been playing it with it for a while, and it tends to produce enjoyable maps with a lot of good options.
  8. Yes, you do have to add an entry to the localization file. Take a look at it, its format is self-explanatory.
  9. That command is not in the vanilla game. It has to be modded in.
  10. When my C# code throws an exception, where can I find the stack trace? It's not in the output files under 7DaysToDie_Data.
  11. I don't suppose you have a tutorial link handy? I've never used Unity before.
  12. Is there a way to add a custom sound to the game? I am working on a new tool and I'd like to add a unique sound effect. All the tutorials I've seen tell me to use Unity; I am looking for a way to do it without Unity if at all possible. Thanks in advance.
  13. I don't think that was going to happen. Roland said the devs themselves don't know yet what they want to do about loot, "experimental build" and all.
  14. Oh, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! I am really glad to see at least someone here understands this concept.
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