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  1. I7 3.7ghz GTX 745 Windows 8.1 64 Bit 16GB Ram 2TB of Storage and the Fastet Writing I could buy. Stutter everywhere, cannot run the game at full (I can MAX GTA IV, Skyrim with 200+ Mods, but not this game while standing in a Desert) without MASSIVE lag (Slow Motion style, not frame drop hilariously enough), Frame Drops around a SINGLE torch... Its BAD.
  2. A tank Guzzles Gas, even an APC does. and from a PvP Perspective? Gives large landmines a use. What happens when all 3 are on a tank? Well they need lots of ammo for the Machine Gun (The gunner is also EASILY sniped) Ammo for the tank (I doubt the military lost or abandoned it with a full load of ammo) and has a limited view. So excuse me while I snipe your driver, then run out there and slap some mines in your path while you cannot see me right infront of your vehicle. Tanks are WEAK against infantry, they are only good at being defensive emplacements, or taking down emplacements that cannot risk moving. Tanks FEAR Infantry moving out of their view. Add in Smoke grenades and that tank is helpless.
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