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  1. I love this idea, sometimes the lights are just damn intense
  2. That sounds like a great idea, madmole we need this in our life 😂
  3. Cause i so miss mining with explosions, except it just sends dirt everywhere now lol. But it used to be amazing just blowing through stone
  4. I think c4 does ground damage is what MM said Sorry maybe it was tnt
  5. That wasnt just a stick of dynamite, that was packed and bored into the ground. They didnt just toss a stick down the shaft and get minerals lol
  6. This would be a fun find in those archeological sites haha
  7. @Madmole are we going to see more uses for diamonds/gold/silver since the books will be adding a chance when mining to find them? Or will they stay primarily for dukes?
  8. You cant craft 5/6/7 i think it was, so the crafter wont matter when they can spam craft
  9. Pretty sure they use little hammers so they dont wreck what they are trying to get OUT of the rock. When you go to a mine, you dont see a bunch of giant machines with tiny hammers on them..
  10. It was said that there were bigger bugs to fry before rwg got love.
  11. So it’s hard then, the point is to make the game harder, not make the zombies harder do you can level faster
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