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  1. I love this idea, sometimes the lights are just damn intense
  2. It was said that there were bigger bugs to fry before rwg got love.
  3. So it’s hard then, the point is to make the game harder, not make the zombies harder do you can level faster
  4. Yeah, you realize there is barely anything going on in bf compared to this, even if there are 200 models on the miniature map, thats it.
  5. Actually its because it has a table lol...
  6. Thats how it should be though lol, zombies shouldnt be like “well ♥♥♥♥, that sound came from over the ledge i best not fall.”
  7. So how much project coordination experience do you have, how about coding ? Seems like you would be a great fit for the team. You know it all already.
  8. I agree with the 50% honestly if you are overfull it should come with a debuff as well. Last time i went for all you can eat, i didnt leave feeling like i could run a marathon 😂
  9. Why would you want to shoot out of a vehicle that will destory everything anyways. Waste of bullets.
  10. There was a selection process a while back, you will have to stream when everyone else gets it.
  11. Just means they arent checking the forums... when steam updates they will all be back
  12. @faatal im combing through so many tears just to see what you hinted on yesterday. Don’t make my reading all this crying over lost clay be in vain! 😂
  13. I feel ya, even of you have froends with the game it is so hard to get a schedule that works for everyone. I generally end up playing alone anyways.
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