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  1. Nah; fast/insta-travel could remove so many chance encounters out in the wild with roaming hordes plus it also effectively would remove or at least trivialize time management within the game.
  2. Funny seeing this thread here almost a year after my last post... Demos are fine. Annoying due to the threat they pose, yes. But we've adapted our tactics and base building to accommodate their eventual arrival. We basically fight fire with fire: Blow then up before they can blow you up (and/or your base). They make the Perception tree one of the best late game perk trees thanks to Demo Expert. Pop some Atom Junkies and a well placed rocket or couple grenades will do them in. Our base is set up with a "sniping perch" but it's more of a "demo guy perch" since whoever is up there prioritizes blowing up any of the big threats before they can get too close. Friends and I play on Insane w/ nightmare speed on blood moon, so if this works there, it can work anywhere. I do kinda hate how demos essentially limit the potential of something like a melee base since a poorly aimed swing could set off the big kaboom but that could be something my crew looks into at some point (to try and solve). But TBH blowing up zeds by the dozens with grenades and rockets never gets old.
  3. Already looking forward to A20 even with just the bit of info provided from that first stream. 🙂 Wee bit sad the junk drone won't be in a 19.3 or such; was pretty much the last thing my friends and I were wanting to try out in A19, but it is what it is and it's still going to happen rather than be abandoned.
  4. I originally opposed g6 being not craftable, but it works out well. It's not necessarily "artificially extending a playthrough" or such since crafted g5 stuff is more than enough to survive even at highest difficulty. Knowing that there's g6 stuff somewhere out there among the ruins or as a possible quest reward helps to keep pushing forward. The randomized stats keep the g6 stuff interesting since you can still get an upgrade. Yeah, a poorly rolled g6 will generally outdo a good g5 due to extra mod slot, but who wants to loot a g6 and go "wow my g5 is better, rip"?
  5. I think the more frustrating part about the scripted aggro is that it occurs in lower tier POIs. Had this happen to me today with one of the new car lot POIs (forgot which one specifically but it was a T2). Attempted to sneak into the garage only to have all the zeds stand up and beeline for me. Not a big deal since I'm armed to the teeth, but the ruckus I stirred up ended up becoming me on the roof of the building sniping 5-6 zombie bears with rockets and enough zeds to have the place qualify as a T5, lol. Having those sort of scripted encounters in the higher tier POIs makes sense, tho. This is also my first ago/stealth based playthrough since A17 and I have to say as a combat tree, I don't think I've ever had as much fun...and I'm one of those folks who were like "dibs" when the auto shotgun was introduced. The early going is rough, especially since primitive bows are terrible and it takes some time to get a pistol, but it turns into one of the most fun ways to play, IMO.
  6. Loosely related, I noticed that the military and steel armor my group and I had accumulated appear to have been nerfed as of today's 19.1 patch. I had several pieces of military that were 11 armor (one of them was 12) and now they all are all at 10. All of the are g6 save for the stealth boots I'm using (g5) and those are now 9 armor instead of 10. Couple of g6 steel pieces we had stored away are now 13 armor instead of 15. Didn't see any mention of it in patch notes tho ☚ī¸
  7. Can't say I'm a huge fan of removing T2 weapons from perks with b163. I would've rather seen them moved to rank 5/5 of their respective weapon perks to give additional value for going all the way to master a particular weapon (and as a wee bit of RNG protection). In my current playthrough I ended up essentially skipping pump shotgun since I had the schematic for the auto shotgun. It's no game breaking change by any stretch and I'll adapt to it, though.
  8. Those POIs are nuts; I've had 3 different playthroughs where I've found one and walked out with enough BDU sets for my entire group of 4-5 and then some...not to mention almost all the dye we could ever need.
  9. Like: - Visual updates: Lighting, new zed models (minus how they sometimes appear to be wrapped in saran wrap...going for fresh blood/gore maybe?) Minus that quibble, the visual upgrades to the game have been absolutely fantastic and I hope to see this trend continue up to gold - Ragdoll physics, from the way the zeds hit the ground to how they do cartwheels when hit with a club/sledge power attack - Dynamic music (for the most part) - Melee is a bit more fluid than in A18 (and being I primarily play Strength builds, I put in plenty of melee on every alpha for the purpose of saving ammo) - Auto Shotgun is an absolute monster; I place it in a pantheon with the Halo 1 shotgun and the auto shotgun from the original Turok N64 game (which, while firing faster, didn't shred through 3-4 targets at a time) Yet to run into demolishers yet, though, and I have yet to get the SM book for crafting slugs, so maybe things get dicey later... - Trader to trader quests are a nice QoL change - HUD indicators also a nice QoL (wouldn't be upset if option to disable them is present but I plan to leave them as-is) - Dig site indicator for buried treasure quests/maps is a nice change (provided the treasure isn't buried smack under a road) - Loot progression: Going from primitive stuff (which isn't total utter garbage anymore) to basic weapons then the wild stuff feels really good. Pretty sure I fired a blunderbuss more in my first in-game day in A19 then all of my time in A17 and A18 put together - Sneak damage changes: Much needed to make stealth-based builds worth doing Dislike: - RWG didn't want to play nice for me; generated 2 8k maps, both of which essentially had the same biome layout, with one of them literally having nothing in the wasteland biome; this irked my group since we wanted to do a playthrough being based in that biome, but being several km away from literally anything was simply obnoxious. We opted to go with an all-wasteland map thanks to Nitrogen. I'd recommend picking Damocles' brain for help on that, because that tool is a godsend. - Dynamic music: The combat theme basically serves as a warning that you have 3+ zeds inbound. That's my biggest gripe with it (instead of the "omg it plays all the time" complaint). Gives the player a second to analyze the situation that (if the music didn't kick in) might end with surprise zombies up the player's butt - Stamina: At first I thought this was simply due to being in heavy armor with minimal perk investment, but even with no armor on at all, stam usage is unreal this go around. Mining is even worse now, although once an auger comes into play, that point becomes moot. Sex Rex is pretty much a requirement for anyone in heavy armor (which makes the fact it got moved to strength such a relief). Combat is becoming more bearable in my most progressed playthrough since I have 4/4 heavy armor + 4/4 sex rex + 3-4 customized fittings installed + ergo grip. Blackstrap Coffee is pretty much every miner's best friend now, far moreso than it was in A18 - Junk...erm Robotic Sledge: Best use my crew has found of that thing is that it has a chance of launching a friendly player through the air when smacked with it (we have pvp disabled, tho). Buddy of mine managed to launch me over a car lot building doing this...rather hilarious although I suspect it's a bug (think Skyrim giant clubbing you, only not quite as wild) - TAR and Sniper Rifle: Sucks that they aren't working properly with scopes and other mods, but seeing that it was in the preview streams, it's a known thing and (I'm pretty certain) will be addressed - Traders: With the ideas being tossed around about how working quests for traders will eventually get the attention of Noah/Duke, it seems players will be strong armed into doing quests for them. Not necessarily an A19 specific complaint, though. However, finding a Desert Vulture on sale at the first trader I got to on day 1 was a bit wild, to say the least. Couldn't afford it (almost 6k), but still; hope to see trader loot progression tied to/akin to that which players get via looting Jury still out: - Perk rebalance: Overall, it seems good. Heavy Armor being moved to Strength makes sense and actually opens up some hybrid build possibilities, although one could argue it basically has strength replacing Fort as the top dog perk tree. Were it not for being my group's farmer/gardener, I probably wouldn't have any points in Fort now aside from the single point in Healing Factor (which is literally first thing I put a point in every playthrough). Living off the Land rank 3 only granting 3 crops per gather is weak; should have Super Corn recipe also, IMO (I'm sustaining a group of 4-5 players just with rank 2). Giving the 30 stam per kill on rank 3 of Flurry (combined with heavy armor moved to Strength) makes a light armor fist build a possibility (and a nice variety of weapon choices with Fort + Agi). Bicycle parts requiring workbench, which requires int of 4, which also makes minibike possible to build...bit janky there. Bulk gas/gun powder crafting being moved further into trees hurts (Grease Monkey 4 for gas, Demo Expert 3 or 4 for gunpowder), but honestly seems more reasonable
  10. Therein lies one pet peeve of mine with demolishers; you're almost better off either using a POI as a horde base or simply using an open field to run around and shoot everything.
  11. That's fine and all, but comparing those to something like the book series that fist weapons/unarmed is getting in A19 and it's a bit underwhelming. I'm going to go with fist weapons/brawling in my first A19 build as my melee option simply due to how beefy that new book series is for them. I'll probably be on guns for horde nights anyway, so why not have a bit of fun when out looting by drinking beer and punching zombies 🙂
  12. Were it not for the demo boys, A18 would be an absolute snooze fest seeing that they're pretty much the only zombie that threatens any sort of purpose built horde base. Course I have yet to convince my friends to let me set zombie movement speed to nightmare at all times... 😛 That said, I do find the challenge they provide a bit of a massive jump. A17 the biggest threat to a base was irradiated cops exploding, which would barely dent reinforced concrete, let alone steel. It also sucked to have some of our fav non-cheese strats taken away; shotgun turrets having such a high chance of setting them off pretty much caused our first A18 horde that featured demos to pretty much bring half our base down as a result. Pretty sure the devs want there to be something that scares the @%$*#! out of bunkered down players; while the demos do kinda come across as a cheesy way of accomplishing this, they at least make higher gamestage hordes something that's a bit of a challenge, even if many find it a cheesy way of doing so. It's not like we players haven't had all sort of cheesy things we've been able to do in A18.
  13. They don't really "need" them, though. Sledges are already good as-is and simply get bonkers with the correct perks/mods. That said, in no way am I opposed to TFP adding a magazine series for sledgehammers. I'm thinking they have other things to tackle of more importance...admittedly that's purely speculation on my part. What could such a book series entail? The typical durability cost reduction seems meh; sledges last for days already. Damage increase book would probably be among them since the others get such a thing. That stam refill bonus that Batter Up confers to clubs/bats would be broken on sledge. I think it would be fun to see an attack speed increase for x seconds after a kill; it'd murder a stam bar without some good consumable buffs (coffee and beer come to mind) but could be absolutely wild cleaving through a horde of zombies. Perhaps hitting a block with a power attack creates a shockwave that staggers nearby zombies...yeah, I know, I'm ripping ideas right out of other games I've played, heh. Edit: That second idea would be redundant seeing that you get AoE knockdown starting at rank 3 of the sledge perk
  14. From a question I asked last night: SMGs are staying within Agility, under Gunslinger; does that mean that perk now governs 4 weapons (pistol, magnum, SMG, and the upcoming Desert Vulture)? Madmole did reply and confirm SMG staying under agility; I was just too dumb to follow through with the rest of the question.
  15. Madmole may be amenable to such a request when it's his turn to showcase things, but honestly, I'd rather get thrown into A19 head first and find out myself! Soon enough either way, I suppose.
  16. That would be wild, although it kinda appears to have a drum of sorts on it by default. it could simply be an even larger drum slapped onto it
  17. Lot of folks didn't think to ask if the gun had been modded out or not. Seeing that it had been dropped in from the creative/dev console, I'm certain the answer is no I'm curious to see if rod + spring replacement works on it, lol
  18. Having watched it in both dev streams shown thus far, while I initially agreed with the chat assessment in the first stream (seemed to fire slow), seeing it pretty much put down any zombies with 1-2 shots tops, even from 5ish blocks away...I was more impressed. Eager to dive in and get some mods slapped onto one of those things along with all the good perks and armor mods to compliment it. FWIW the rate of fire I was thinking/hoping for was akin to that of the auto shotgun from the first Turok game, if anyone recalls that. Given how much damage it appears to be doing already, though...broken would barely describe it.
  19. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" comes to mind. If people throw a fit over a weapon model that likely gets used for maybe the first week of a playthrough tops...well lol.
  20. As someone who's taken a few glancing blows from bats, I can confirm for sure they hurt 😛 My complaint is more out of jest. Clubs have their three distinct tiers, and long as the bat schematic is tied to the Batter Up book, it should remain the best club, IMO
  21. Only "complaint" I have with the new iron club is it looks like it would hurt more/do more damage than the baseball bat (going by the sound the bat makes, it's made of wood). 😛 Course my modded out bat with spikes and burning shaft looks like something the demons of hell would wield, so there is that, lol Really, though, I dig the new club. Doesn't look like something from the PS2 era, heh.
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