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  1. "modArmorBandolier can be now also be installed in leg armor" Does the effect stack if you have a bandolier in chest + legs, or is this more of a QoL benefit for early/mid game if you have a meh chest piece but want to keep a different mod on it?
  2. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" comes to mind. If people throw a fit over a weapon model that likely gets used for maybe the first week of a playthrough tops...well lol.
  3. As someone who's taken a few glancing blows from bats, I can confirm for sure they hurt 😛 My complaint is more out of jest. Clubs have their three distinct tiers, and long as the bat schematic is tied to the Batter Up book, it should remain the best club, IMO
  4. Only "complaint" I have with the new iron club is it looks like it would hurt more/do more damage than the baseball bat (going by the sound the bat makes, it's made of wood). 😛 Course my modded out bat with spikes and burning shaft looks like something the demons of hell would wield, so there is that, lol Really, though, I dig the new club. Doesn't look like something from the PS2 era, heh.
  5. Use better quality water; Purified Mineral Water drops fairly often from water coolers, even on day 1. Yucca Juice is a fairly easy alternative that's craftable early on. I get a thirst prompt every 30-36 hours in game (longer if I spend time putting around at base crafting), but I also have Iron Gut maxed at this point.
  6. All good. I didn't exactly convey my sentiment that well in my first post. If anything, the more annoying part of the armor is how some of the means to counter it (namely the AP rounds and slugs) can be a pain to obtain if RNGesus seems you unworthy, but that's a separate issue from the demolisher's themselves. 🙂
  7. Oh, I'm not advocating for the armor to be nerfed. I'd say your idea to have them a bit slower moving is sensible. Do agree that electricity disabling the bomb would be OP. Just because the armor can be annoying doesn't mean I can't find ways to work around it (since there are plenty).
  8. I hate those demo bastards as much as anyone, but they're a much needed injection of challenge for base builders. My crew's old kill tunnel from A17 made horde nights faceroll back then but has required several bits of revision...part of which is tactics on our end. My biggest pet peeve with them is all that armor...not so much that they have it as it is to obtain countermeasures. I primarily stick to shotgun, which is useless on demos without slugs...which require a specific magazine to be able to craft. Don't luck out and get the mag? Have fun running away or switching to other weapons. Not that I'm married to the shotgun, mind you, but I prefer to leave the rifle rounds to friends since that's their main gun. But I keep some on me just to handle demos.
  9. In games I've played with friends, we've gotten tons of miles out of having whoever specs into int picking up BB. It plus cigar and awesome sauce helped up buy 2 trucks for barely more than the price of 1 in one of our recent playthroughs.
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