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  1. This is interesting. I primarily play Agi builds. They are the strongest, the four skills; Run n Gun, Flurry of Blows (I'm not looking currently could be something else), Light Armor, and Parkour are some of the most overpowered skills in the game, again IMO. As they allow for use of almost any melee weapon better and faster, reloading of any gun faster especially while moving, wear armor that protects you and doesn't limit mobility, and allows you to jump 3-4 blocks high and escape even the most precarious situations!! How does any other skill tree even compare??
  2. Good Afternoon Sykriss, I like the look of this mod, and wanted to ask if this is in my mods will others need to have it downloaded as well or if it runs with others connecting to my game?
  3. As a base recommendation, as I am no expert, backup your current game configs. New file on your desktop (or personal preference) and then make the changes to the XML files. If you make mistakes you can at the very least revert back to vanilla. To increase wandering horde sizes there are a lot of "modlets" on this forum site that do the trick. Personally I've been using the ones created by JaxTeller, and even went to edit his mods and make super wandering hordes. Roughly 40-60 zeds at a time. highly recommend using Notepad++ as it allows you to see which values the game is using, and what are "comments" via color coding. Otherwise watch some YouTube vids and play around with the values. Just keep in mind if you delete a value, replace it. But i recommend opening several configs and reading the notes so you can piece together how they all work together. This shouldn't mess with a SP save as it will update the entire game. If playing with a buddy note that changes to your configs will not take place when joining his game. Only your games will be different.
  4. This is my argument for exploiting AI, or doing in general whatever you want to do: They are zombies, there is not a single time in my mind where I would fight a zombie fairly. I would use everything to my advantage. Height, ramps, turrets, etc. When zombies are involved I don't want it to be a fair fight. That being said once I have the equipment; I will stand in a field and fight a horde as long as possible before getting into a base for a moments reprieve from battle. But to answer your question; i will use turrets early - they provide an ability to clear more challenging POI's early. After mid game, or really any weapon specialization, I will generally forget about them. In regards to base design, I often built a Ranger Stationish building (View from all sides, and ability to jump out and escape if needed). My latest builds include a 1/4 block and a pole, which provides and opening large enough for you to crouch through but not for a zombie to climb through. If only they knew how to crouch. Just starting to get into PvP, so I am sure my designs must adjust. News at 11.
  5. Condolences for the loss of your dog. I have three myself and don't think I'll ever be ready to see any of them go. NPC followers would be pretty fun. Currently I have to wait for my friends to be on to take advantage of additional inventory slots and comments on the apocalypse.
  6. I disagree with a number of you on why you think this Alpha has been lackluster (personally its the greatest and showing so much promise to be better than most AAA titles out now) The devs are actively allowing a player base to play, mod, and customize their product. But they are still in the process of refining, optimizing, and building their vision. If you want to build your own download Unity and begin designing your game, its free. Or take the time to learn how to make the XML edits or modlets that you desire. Or visit the modding forums and find what you are looking for. My playstyle doesn't always groove with what the devs are working towards, therefore i added modlets, POI's, and changed the spawn rates in multiple biomes. But if i were a new player, i feel that i would be happy with this product as is. But alas, i am not. Therefore i must change the game to adapt to me, while i wait for this title to go gold. It's very much like Skyrim is many regards, i played Vanilla until i had done everything i wanted, then to keep the game fresh and challenging added mods. The diffence being Skyrim came out without an Alpha title with it. I wasn't having to relearn between patches. I think so many people have difficulty remembering this is a WIP. A very good WIP, but nonetheless a WIP. Be patient and enjoy the twist and turns. But most importantly don't mistake your perspective for being right. Complaining out of care is still complaining and will fall upon deaf ears.
  7. This is likely in the works so i apologize for any reiterations of previous conversations. Melee hit boxes aside; which work wonderfully for me on either hosted P2P, dedicated server, or joining my friends. I think that the range of melee weapons is perfect and requires a bit of skill to anticipate and react to Z's that have been struck. What I think would add great balance to the game is additional skill books for each of the melee weapon types. I've seen talk of spears, but sledges, stun batons, machetes, etc. Need some additional bonus'. Currently the baseball bat is the most superior weapon due to the ability to get those additional perks from Batter Up. Which i love! But no other weapon sees those benefits (of course all ranged weapons have their skill book). Otherwise this game and the community are fantastic. Cannot wait to see the additional changes that come with the rest of A18 and moving into A19.
  8. Had this exact thing happen on a player hosted server. His comp crashed as i was picking/opening a safe. Once we re-launched i was no longer in the POI but Lvl. 1 across the map. I assume it was a corrupt player .bak file. Real shame.
  9. Hey all, Thanks for the replies. I tried messing with the "duration=9" and testing if frequency increased, but it did not. After reading more it is the length of time it takes in seconds to complete the spawning of the horde. Please correct me if i am wrong. For all wandering hordes they appear to be controlled by the AI Director - which i think is controlled by parts of the code not editable through XML. Unless someone knows how to control the AI Director in which case please point me in that direction. But to all, the hordes are around 30-40 and I updated the hordes to be from the ZombiesNight group so there is some variability in the speed of those baddies. It can be quite frightening to be in a POI and hear them start smashing walls. I will admit, i would not enjoy 35 dogs and 5 bears
  10. Hello all, I am curious if there is an XML edit i can make to increase wandering horde frequency. I've currently got a few modlets installed that increase size. And feel they are pretty good. But I don't see them enough. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  11. Awesome. I assumed this was how it should work, but wanted to confirm. Thanks for the reply!
  12. Quick question regarding how a horde night interacts with multiple people on a dedicated server, but not near each other in game. (will test later but if someone knows the answer might save me a couple hours) Do horde nights attach to a single player? I know BM count is per player, but will all zombies spawn and go for a single player, or will they spawn near each player respectively giving all players a horde night regardless of how close in proximity they are?
  13. One question I do have, and have seen come up frequently. Swords, will they ever make an appearance in vanilla game play? In either form of the iconic Katana wielding Michonne, or even just a basic stone, iron, steel variety? I understand that the current iteration is the bone knife, Knife, to Machete. But if feels lacking in the sharp pointies department. Games like Dead Island really did an outstanding job at allowing for both a blunt and sharp specialization and think it would add to immersion of character development. Currently there is a plethora of blunt weapons(baseball bat being my personal favorite), and the addition of fist melee and spears is a fantastic choice. Just curious if there were going to be plans to implement those types of items, or if i should look to alternatives myself?
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