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  1. I could, but I won't, cause you couldn't pay me enough to do that job.
  2. Within the first 5 safes/tool boxes/shotgun Messiah *BOXES* I open Reading is hard
  3. Within the first 5 safes/tool boxes/shotgun Messiah boxes I open. The believable probability of there not being something worth while in those containers is next to nil.
  4. The last two options are not valid results because you must pick one of the two in order to submit your choices.
  5. Eh, if they hadn't allowed mods not as many people would be playing now. They have been so schizo with the content and the changes with each alpha that, while they may have a plan, that plan is about as solid and steady as gelatin. My analogy would be that 7 days is like Skyrim when it comes to their relationship with mods....base game is good, but has many flaws and relies on modders to make the game great.
  6. Just give a small, base food consumption at all times (enough to require three moderate food items to stay full in 24 hr period) and make that the food drain while in a vehicle and while standing still. If you afk for a full 24 hrs in game time, and don't exit to menu, you can't cry about dying to hunger.
  7. Oh, I agree with you entirely; they should keep the stone items stage to a minimal time and extend the t1 stage....but for now they are stuck on "stone age" idea. Roland said they are planning/looking on adding iron pipe pistols and rifles. And while your nitpicking is technically correct I think you know what they imply with the "stone age" items (pre modern age weapons), as they are more referring to the items you craft in game at the start and not the real world, prehistoric stone age. Would you prefer they call it the t0 stage?
  8. I don't find it ironic, but rather sad that it has come to that. Hopefully the additional stone age weapons they are looking to add will make that part of the game more bearable, but I do hope they take to heart the criticism that having stone tools/weapons in safes and store crates is absurd and not wanted and consider removing them from the loot list for those containers (consider replacing them with dukes, or magazines, or ammo, or parts).
  9. I'm happy that they are looking into more early game long range weapons and would hope the pipe pistol and rifle wouldn't be as effective as a t1 weapon....but the benefit would be you aren't throwing your weapon at the enemy (there by losing access to the long range weapon). Could they make a mod for the spear called "rope" so I can tie it to the spear and it would allow me to retrieve the spear from a distance? Or maybe an atlatl (Google it) mod that would increase throwing distance, decrease arc of the throw, and increase damage of the spear.
  10. My experience with throwing the spear is that it only goes 5-15 feet in a huge arc. I don't find that useful for a long or mid range weapon, especially when you can't reload it from range; that's what I was referring to when I said throwing the spear is a joke (looks like a 5 yr old is throwing it).
  11. Eh, those people aren't min/max players then and don't know the current value of INT. Hell, even in a18 INT was a joke tier cause everything in it you could get through schematics (max lucky looter) and the items you could craft from INT didn't have lvls (except junk turrets, but you'd get them from looting). If you played with a group it'd be worth it to have the base mother spec into INT to get things running faster, but solo play your better of specing into the perk that has your weapon of choice (or str if you are more of a gatherer). The quotes you just
  12. There really is no decent stone age long range, or even medium range, weapon. Primitive bow is trash tier now, blunderbuss is pretty much a close range 1v1-2 weapon, otherwise all other weapon choices are close range melee weapons (throwing the spear is a joke). Maybe throw in a sling shot, or a stone sling, to get some more options for early game ranged weapons. Even if you give access to lvl 1 hunting rifles and pistols a little earlier (or have those in the safes in early game), then tone down the ammo looting, it would be better. Also, I totally agree t
  13. INT isn't important because it allows you to craft things...... it's important because it give you more choices of loot from quests, better items to buy at the trader, and better deals on buying and selling items to the trader. Has nothing to do with crafting.
  14. I'd still love to have the murder hornets back in the game, they always seemed more menacing to me and it's much more fun to scream "THE BEES!".
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