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  1. That's fantastic Hal, it works perfectly! Thank you so much - it makes playing the game MUCH less of a hassle for me By way of a 'thank you', I thought you might like to know that I made a small donation to UNICEF on your behalf to help support children & families affected by Coronavirus. Cheers once again!
  2. Yes exactly; previous to the B-178 update, I could be running, and then aim-down-sight, but as you say, I can't do that now. It's not so much of a problem for me early in the game when stamina is low, but later in the game most of my movement when on foot is spent running. I use an Autohotkey script to 'hold down' the keyboard run key for me (toggle on and off), because I can't press two keys at the same time manually (I use a stick in my mouth to press keys on the keyboard, in conjunction with a trackball with 'lockdown' keys as a pointing device).
  3. Ah thanks, found it eventually: Player.log
  4. Sorry Hal, I can't seem to find the player log file - it's supposed to be a txt file in the '7DaysToDie_Data' folder, isn't it? There's no sign of a txt file in that location, unfortunately. Is the build log for DMT just the text in the right pane from DMT? Here's that text: Parsing arguments Running BackupFiles Backup dll found: H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7D2D Mods\DMT/Backups/SP/19.0b178/Assembly-CSharp.dll Running DeployDlls Deploying DLLs Running LocalisationPatch Localisation no longer handled in DMT after A17 Running InitialPatchTask No patch scripts found.
  5. Hi Hal, good to hear from you. I took your advice & installed DMT 2 along with your 'Run & Gun' mod from the links you provided. The mod complied without errors & I was able to get into the game at least, but unfortunately the mod didn't appear to work; I still wasn't able to run and aim-down sight at the same time.
  6. Hi Hal, sorry to resurrect this thread. I've been using your 'Run & Gun' mod very successfully for ages now, both in A18 and A19. Unfortunately, the most recent update to A19 (A19 B-178) seems to have broken it. The mod compiles without errors in 'DMTviewer.exe' but when I attempt to load 7D2D, the game hangs at the 'Loading game data' stage of the process. Is there any possibility you could take a look at the problem & see if there's a work-around, by any chance? I'm missing A19 already! Many thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you so much! That sorted it! Oddly enough, when starting a RWG map previously, I hadn't noticed that the game didn't go through the usual generation sequence - it just loaded up! Possibly using one of the RWG maps I'd used in A18. The mod doesn't seem to have any impact, which is fortunate, as I'm physically disabled & can't easily play the game without it. Thanks again for your help!
  8. I've had exactly the same problem in a random gen map. Spawn in, trader distance in top right corner says 0.0km, but the yellow exclamation mark says 3km. Follow the marker, but no trader has spawned at the location. My output log: https://pastebin.com/j3j18ucv
  9. You're a genius! That fixed it - no console error messages at all this time too. Yeah, I'd installed DMT and the Mod itself in subfolders under the 7 Days to Die folder. Putting them in a different folder fixed it straight away. Thank you SO much for taking the time & trouble to not only write the Mod, but to troubleshoot it with me as well. You're really very kind, cheers!
  10. Well that's very odd - yes, there are now two subfolders in the MODS folder, although I only copied one folder in there! The two folders are "HalRunAndGun" and "Hal's Run and Gun" (without the quotes). I'm not sure how that happened? Should I delete one?
  11. Thanks Hal. So I uninstalled 7D2D, deleted the folders & reinstalled the game, DMT & the Run and Gun mod. I changed the time & date in the console to the next Horde night, and had the same problem as before - zombies spawn in, but just stand there & ignore me. I am still getting some red entries in the console when starting the game too. Here's my Player.log (edited to remove my IP address)... [ATTACH]30573[/ATTACH] Player.log.txt
  12. Hi Hal - So I've been playing 7D2D with your run & gun modlet without any problems, except until today, when it was horde night. I don't know whether this is because of your modlet, but for some reason, the zombies spawned in, but didn't move at all...they just stood still & ignored me! Just out of curiosity, I went into diagnostic mode & spawned in another group of 25 zombies, and they did the same thing! Could this be due to the modlet?!
  13. Scratch that - I got it working! I had put DMT into its own folder, rather than in with the 7D2D executable. I still got a line or two in red in the console, but the RunAndGun mod is working perfectly - thank you once again!
  14. Unfortunately I've run into a few problems. I installed DMT as described, and put 'HalsRunAndGun' into a folder called 'Mods'. I entered all the info into DMTViewer, hit the build button, and then ran the game. Once I got to the game menu, the console popped up, with a few red lines that I assume are error messages. You con see them here: If I try to continue a game, the game loads, but the mouse doesn't work, & I can't get back to the game menu either. I had to Alt-tab back to the desktop and close the game from Task Manager. Do you have any advise as to where I'm going wrong
  15. Wow, thank you so much for this! I'll download DMT and HalsRunAndGun, and see if I can get it running! Many, many thanks for all your efforts!
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