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  1. Prince Albert? Edit: You edited it as I was quoting and it changed to Prince Albert
  2. Hats take away head armor though so probably better to stick with other articles of clothing. First thought was a jock strap and have it add a bit more damage reduction, then I realized it would only work for half the characters...so maybe something like a mouthguard instead might cover all the bases while also making you choose between + STR and + FORT kinda like you gotta do with the eyewear
  3. How does the bloodmoon horde work with multiple people in the game in different areas? We had a few of us in one area, and another newer guy off on his own somewhere else. Horde seemed a bit weak on our end to begin, but then he died and it stopped. Then he left the game and we got a full ass horde right after. He wasnt in our party, but may have been allied to somebody in our party, not sure if that has anything to do with anything? Playing on stable, so not sure if somethings been changed past that into exp.
  4. Flat XP just scales poorly. You're most at risk of poor planning and not having food/water/meds at the early game, when its easiest to just jump off a building and come back at 100% and carry on with the smallest losses to xp that can be recovered after a few kills. Later game you're less likely needing to abuse death to clear bad things. Its more that random landmine you rode your bike over or that demo guy you accidently set off
  5. Stop there because the goal of them changing from dying screwing with your skills was that it made it harder to actually go out and do things and just kinda felt ♥♥♥♥ty to lose access to perks and such, so you dont want to lose too much playability when you die, which is why they shifted to just xp losses to begin
  6. So I was talking to one of the guys I know who prefers to just drop a bedroll where he is when something bad happens and offs himself and his way of thinking was "why be slowed down for an hour with a broken leg if I dont have a splint, when I can kill myself and make more experience in that time than im going to lose from dying being slowed down" And to be honest even though it feels cheesy, hes kinda right. So what if you shifted the experience loss into a debuff rather than a flat amount? Lose 10% XP for x amount of minutes, with time possibly scaled on character level to some extent. Then there's some incentive even at kinda lower levels to have to think "Do I eat glass and lose xp gains while going these next few POI's or do I stop and go find the way to correct my issue and go back with full xp gains? What's going to cost me more in the long run?"
  7. The problem is that by level 20 you dont need to off yourself as its much easier to go off and get something to cure it rather than spend time doing other early game things. Not sure where the right balance is to make it feel impactful though. We're running a server with 10-15 people and growing, and its got people who know what they are doing, and people who are just grabbing it off the Halloween sale to play for the first time. Some people just eat glass to cure their broken legs and infections, some people go about fixing them the intended way, some people die 10 times because they dont know what they're doing yet, so how do you punish the ones who do know what they are doing and just taking advantage of it, while giving the newer guys a non ♥♥♥♥ty experience? Hopefully if we get some "dead is dead" settings we'll have a place for those who feel things are too easy to get around. Eating glass will cure your infection...but you'll also be dead...so chose wisely
  8. Ive done a few fort setups across the updates and found taking points into brawler in the first few levels really to set me back too much personally. I push 2 into fort and 2 into regen for the starter quest points cause lets be real, when you hide the first few nights, that free regen is baller. Brawler is rough with zombie rage, you dont have the range of something like sledge/spear/bow or even club to give you that extra second to react, and you cant take hits like you need to to apply the fast attack speed that makes brawler great. Then 2 points into pain tolerance, and 2 points into heavy armor off exp from doing some initial trader quests and figure out the resources for scrap armor as I go (had issues with that in my current game till I found a bear ). Only after getting the 3 defensive perks at level 2 do I think brawler starts to shine. Take very little damage, basically never get stunned, regen what little damage you do take, and start knocking off those heavy armor penalties before you can find the armor mods, which you can add 2 of to the level 3 armor you can make when you do find them. Then you can just go in and unleash without worrying so much and use that fast attack speed to decapitate everything This is the first run I haven't died in the first few days and its def because I avoided knuckles for the first 2 hours
  9. Yea, I spent like 8 hours last night and managed to clear about a street and a half in an average sized town with like 5 streets, and avoided the hospital and big apartment building in town too. And thats not even doing any base building cause multiplayer. Great thing about the game is there are lots of dials to play with. If you're clearing a city too fast, up the difficulty to suit how you play, change zombie speed, lower loot settings. Dont play on the easiest settings and wonder why there is no challenge
  10. I think spears/bows = #1, clubs/sledge = #2, and fisting/other are bottom tier to start. Doing another fortitude build and just doing spear/bow until I've got 2 points into hp regen, 2 points into damage reduction, and 2 points into heavy armor, cause fisting is terrible until you've got all that. Then its baller.
  11. Dont you need a workbench to build a drawbridge?
  12. Explosives are your 100% friend on horde night. I do them with another person and he creates those lulls when he throws a few grenades and blows the hordes to bits as they bang on the front door
  13. Did the change to the torch heat map on the update last night make things go tits up for screamers? Guy on Discord: "we are getting stupid amounts of screamer spawns like im not doing anything and had like 4 at my base" Anybody else seeing this? He said he has two torches and is basically non stop fighting hordes now
  14. There are so many fun things like that. Not sure why, but favorite of our server is the trailer that says something like "Beware - Dog, Snek, Pig" Every time we see a snake "SNEK SNEK SNEK"
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