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  1. Hi. Thx for the Mod. But it doesnt work in 18.1 on my dedicated Server. I become red errors and the the Srever closes. Client and Server on the same build 18.1 b8 I copied the assets in the gamefolder. What did i wrong? thx
  2. Hi, I had an Question. I use an dedicated Server. I generated am Map that works fine. So now we decidet to make an NEw larger Map. I generate it via Nitrogen. I copied it in the saves Folder. Then i change it in the Server Config. I rename the GameWorls to the New Map Name. Start the Server new and i had an New Player but on the old Map? I deleted all Files from the Saves Folder but the old Map still exist? What can i do? thx for an Answer
  3. thx for the update. Should i delete all files in the smxmenu Folder?
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